Icinga 1.2 Classic UI Updates

As our new release gets closer we would like to give you a little sneak preview of our upcoming features for the Classic UI.
The most obvious changes are:

  • tooltips for comments in status.cgi – you don’t have to open the host/service anymore to see the comments, just move your mouse over. Nice idea Ricardo 🙂
  • multiple delete of comments and downtimes – now you can tick the items you want to delete and click the delete button – just like multiple commands support in status.cgi. Well done Rune&Ricardo!
  • csv export on pretty much every page – you can now export various lists and status data directly. There is a small “Export to CSV” link bringing up a page with the current content in csv format. Adding two new config options where you can decide which characters are used for output format completes this nifty enhancement – great job Ricardo!
  • commands expander for config display. This will help at $ARGn$ substitution and showing the exact command line the core will attempt to execute. Long awaited feature, big thanks to Jochen Bern!
  • combined fixes including a slightly modified menu, adding unhandled host/service problems, javascript library updates, fixed segfaults on Solaris in status.cgi without query_string and also complete drop of php as dependency for the classic ui.

We hope you like the enhancement & fixes for Icinga Classic UI 1.2 – please help us test for the upcoming release! 🙂

Starter Kit: Icinga Virtual Appliance

Ever wanted to hit a button and have Icinga installed with all its components, MySQL and drivers already configured? Then Christoph from the Core team has created something for you.
With a couple clicks, Icinga Virtual Appliance a.k.a. Icinga Virtual Image will install Icinga Core with a sample config, IDO Utils, API, Web and Docs, plus the Classic GUI for good measure. These are installed via RPM alongside MySQL and drivers for IDO, to offer you Icinga 1.0.3 in one easy to install package.
Once the virtual machine is booted up, Icinga and MySQL start and the user is automatically logged in as “demo” into both Icinga Web and Classic GUI in 2 Firefox tabs. Even better, the “demo” user can execute all commands per sudo without needing any password. Check out this Fedora 13 based starter kit for yourself, at Icinga on Sourceforge.
Everything in short:
Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/files/icinga-virtual-image/
User: demo | Password: demo
User: root | Password: password
URL for Classic UI : http://localhost/icinga/
URL for new Web: http://localhost/icinga-web/
(added 11/11/11, 29/7/12) Note: For use with Virtual Box 2.2  and not intended for production environments.
As always, let us know how you go with it. Enjoy!

Icinga vs. Nagios –Tabled

It’s coming to a year since our first RC 1.0, and we’re still getting much interest in Icinga. Of course, the age old question arises time again–“What’s the difference?”
We’ve tried it in words, we’ve tried it on YouTube and now we’ve tabled it! Thanks to a clever suggestion made by an Icinga user – kudos to Dorian Gray!
Check out the Feature Comparison Table, which puts the latest Icinga 1.0.3, Nagios 3.2.1 and Nagios XI side by side. But as always, the best way to compare is to try it for yourself- download it and let us know what you think.

Icinga at the FrOSCon 2010

We’re currently represented at the FrOSCon fair in Sankt Augustin, Germany, with our own booth.
It’s good to see that there’s a lot of interest in Icinga and we got a lot of positive and constructive feedback from all different kinds of users, developers and administrators. Sometimes people even had to stay in line to ask their questions.
It’s particularly exciting to see the reactions on the new web interface, which will be released as stable in October. It seems that we really met the communities expectations of a modern monitoring solution. But also the improved made to the classic-interface (sending multiple commands, for example) got a lot of positive reactions by long term Nagios® users. Most visitors decided to switch to Icinga (or at least try it out) after they saw the advantages.
Today we’re still at the FrOSCon the whole day. Why don’t you come over and visit us?
There are also a lot of other interesting free and open source projects, just take a look at the exhibitor list.

Released: Icinga 1.0.3 & Icinga Web 1.0.3

Icinga reaches the next level of open source monitoring – releasing Icinga 1.0.3 and Icinga Web 1.0.3 to the world!
While Icinga Core unifies the Classic UI, IDOUtils and API in 1.0.3, Icinga Web steps from 1.0.1 directly to 1.0.3 unstable, preparing for a unified release version in October.
Several new config options have been added to Icinga Core, next to reworking check execution with execvp. We’ve also fixed several bugs, e.g. wrong service alerts in the logs and persistent comments disappearing after restart.
Icinga IDOUtils now provide extended syslog output while fixing major NULL binding errors in Oracle and enhancing column length for MySQL/Postgresql/Oracle.
We have also been working on an outstanding new feature for the Classic UI: Multiple Host/Service selection in the status views, sending commands to the Core.
Next to that, we have added a pause/continue page update button, the possibility to show only HARD states in the tactical overview and optional long_output in the status pages.
Icinga API now provides unit tests and its own debug log, next to our own oci8 implementation instead of pdo_oci. Bugs and more Queries have been added too.
Icinga Web features a new tactical overview including an underlaying template engine. Sending commands is now possible to specific instances only or doing a broadcast. A session expiry watchdog has been added such as http basic auth.
Several IE and other bugs have been fixed, code quality has been improved and configure now allows you to set the API credentials e.g. for IDOUtils DB directly. Watch out for our cool Icinga throbber after login!
Checkout Changelog or What’s New section in the docs for more information!
Please report feedback and/or bugs to our development tracker, the mailinglists and the Icinga Portal! 🙂
Enjoy Icinga 1.0.3 and stay tuned for more to come! =)