Icinga Web 2 v2.1.1 released

icingaweb2_xmas_theme_loginBecause Santa would not be happy without a new Icinga Web 2 release for Christmas, we’re happy to announce the release of Icinga Web 2 version 2.1.1. This release is a primary a bugfix release, but also introduces a very cool new thing: Theming!
Curious? Be sure to checkout our winter theme in your preferences configuration. Imagine your critical and warning messages are presented in such a lovely winter wonderland. The only time in the year red is really looking great.
Find v2.1.1 on GitHub or use the packages for your favorite platform.

Changelog Version 2.1.1


  • Feature 10488: Use _ENV variables with built-in PHP webserver
  • Feature 10705: Theming
  • Feature 10898: Winter theme


  • Bug 9685: Deprecate Module::registerHook() in favor of Hook::provideHook()
  • Bug 9957: Sort hosts and services by last state change
  • Bug 10123: CSS loading may fail w/ mkdir(): File exists in FileCache.php
  • Bug 10126: setup config directory –config should use mkdir -p instead of mkdir()
  • Bug 10166: library/vendor/HTMLPurifier tree is incorrectly unpacked
  • Bug 10170: Link to service downtimes from multiple selected services includes host downtimes as well
  • Bug 10338: Debian: Failed to open stream HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier.php
  • Bug 10603: Line breaks are not respected in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
  • Bug 10658: SUSE packages have the wrong dependencies
  • Bug 10659: LDAP group members are shown with their DN and membership registration does not work
  • Bug 10670: State not highlighted in plugin output
  • Bug 10671: Auto-focus the username field on the login page
  • Bug 10683: lib/CLI command web serve: rename variable basedir to something meaningful
  • Bug 10702: Host- and Service-Actions configured in Web 2 do not resolve any macros
  • Bug 10749: XHR application-state requests pollute the URL if not authenticated
  • Bug 10771: Login shows “Anmelden……..” upon login with the german locale
  • Bug 10781: LoggingConfigForm.php complains about whitespace but checks with /^[^\W]+$/
  • Bug 10790: “Problems – Service Grid” does not work with host names that contain only digits
  • Bug 10884: Tabs MUST throw an exception when activating an inexistant tab
  • Bug 10886: “impacted” container is no longer fading out
  • Bug 10892: Wrong mask for FileCache’s temp directory

Icinga Web 1.8.3 bug fix release

Today we’re happy to release Icinga Web 1.8.3 – a bugfix release for the 1.8 major version.
This update include some bug fixes for the session and preference backend, as well as fixes for pending states in the Cronk grids and an issue occurring with the latest PHP versions.
Icinga Web 1.8.3 is available for download on Sourceforge.net – packages should be available soon.
Please keep in touch using the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.
Please make sure to update your database schema. We’ve added a unique constraint, the update script should cleanup any duplicated user preference.

  • Session does not get cleared on logout #3721
  • Fixed duplicated user preferences / appstate #3727 #3870
    (caused a Doctrine_Hydrator_Exception)
  • Fix for PHP 5.3.22 / 5.4.xx #3751
  • Fix Pending states shown as OK #3843
  • Fix order handling with Cronk templates #3886
  • Disabled all caching of permissions for a user #3880
    (caused problems when deleting a user from the system)



signed with GPG:
pub 2048R/9B1F5883 2012-06-14
Key fingerprint = 549D 24B3 A7CD 941F AEE1 17F1 6295 5F6B 9B1F 5883
uid Markus Frosch <markus@lazyfrosch.de>
uid Markus Frosch (NETWAYS) <markus.frosch@netways.de>
sub 2048R/E1F43EB9 2012-06-14

gpg: assuming signed data in `icinga-web-1.8.3.tar.gz'
gpg: Signature made Mon Mar 25 16:01:11 2013 CET using RSA key ID 9B1F5883
gpg: using PGP trust model
gpg: Good signature from "Markus Frosch <markus@lazyfrosch.de>"
gpg: aka "Markus Frosch (NETWAYS) <markus.frosch@netways.de>"
gpg: binary signature, digest algorithm SHA1

Vote on your future Icinga Web cronk menu

On our roadmap for our next release is a redesigned Cronk menu for Icinga Web 1.9. We’re thinking of replacing the current large icons with smaller icons in a list view, by default:
Current default Icinga Web menu: Large Cronk icons
Proposed new default Icinga Web menu: List with small icons
As we’re all about flexibility and customization, we will ensure you can switch between them and add some example configuration lines to guide you in our Icinga Docs.
But before we get carried away, we thought we’d ask you our user community first – what would you prefer as a default view?
[poll id=”12″]
Our poll will close on 20th April 2013 to give us some time to implement the majority-preferred menu. So till then, add your vote and help shape the next Icinga Web 1.9 . As always, suggestions are welcome in the comments below.

Icinga Web 1.8.2 bug fix release

We are releasing the latest bug fix release for Icinga Web, version 1.8.2, today.
The update includes many fixes and some big performance improvements. Special thanks to all testers and patch authors!
Icinga Web 1.8.2 is available for download on Sourceforge.net – packagers will update their packages soon 🙂
Please keep in touch through the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.

  • Bugfix update of contrib businessprocess-icinga-cronk #3690
  • Fix Cronk listing – hide hidden Cronks from userdisplay #3569
  • Fix session handling for creation and destruction #3530
  • Fix missing change on the DB model of NsmTarget #3652
  • Reporting Module: fix servicegroup reports (thx jschanz, wolle) #3503
  • icinga-web.spec: several updates (see changlog within) (includes #3526 #3452)
  • Fix missing comma in Api Target SERVICE #3588
  • status cronk: state filter urls don’t work, sql exception in json #3515
  • wrong selects not working with other databases than mysql #3330 (overlapping with the performance tweaks and fixed there)
  • Fixed wrong credentials being given when user without credentials is being created #3423
  • Fix for AdvancedHoststatusColumnRenderer when db returns object id as a number (thx to crysmi, #3417)
  • Fixed wrong hard state filter (service views)
  • Removed wrong columnWidth definition crashing IE #3485 (thx tgelf)
  • Fix case handling with LDAP user attributes
  • Some smaller fixes, including fixes for IE and php 5.4


  • Several performance tweaks
  • Caching of permissions in the user session (cronks, hosts, services, etc.)
  • XML template caching
  • Squishloader performance (javascript / css)
  • Added memcache session provider #2035
  • Added hard states to views
  • Added host_status field for host view, should fix #3492
  • Added hostgroup_object_id filter
  • Removing authid requirement from LDAP Auth #3473

Hidden icinga-web 1.7.2 bugfix release

Just to catch up on the missing release announcement: Icinga Web version 1.7.2 is out and ready to use. This is the bugfix follower and will help you to stay cool all summer. As always, the source package is available on Github to download. Please report any bugs and/or feature requests to https://dev.icinga.com or join the support channels for your questions!
The important changes:

  • Remove gzip compression of javascript (speed) #2660
  • Fixes oracle sql schema file
  • JSLint rewrites of javascript files
  • Reduce browser debugging output (console)
  • Remove duplicate alias when using HostgroupCredential #2857
  • Fixes the duration field #2736
  • Fixes links from open problem view into sub-grid #2932
  • Fixes links from Overall Status into sub-grid
  • Fixes hostgroup credential for notification view
  • Performance fix for log view #2937
  • Fixed default sort of open problem view #2933
  • Fixes date conditions for postgres #2978


  • New right “icinga.cronk.admin” allows system wide editing and deleting of cronks who are owned by others
  • Right “appkit.admin.group” now used to allow sharing cronks to others
  • Sharing of cronk by url (right click on the cronk)
  • Compact version of open problem view #2933

Thank you all for testing, patch work and suggestions – looking forward to 1.8!