iPhone Apps for Icinga

Icinga Mobile is our user interface for your smartphone or tablet’s browser (web-kit based), be it on iOS, Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS or webOS. It’s pretty handy when you want to view host or service status details and send commands on the go. Not to mention, it’s open source and free.
Nonetheless, some of our users prefer a native app. That we can understand, so just as we’ve previously taken a look at IcingaDroid and aNag for Android devices – now we turn to apps for the iPhone. We know of the following iOS apps to be Icinga compatible:
Quick views: Alerts, Warnings, Downtimes, Sites
Commands: Send commands in batches, toggle notifications, acknowledge issues
Usability: Search function
Beyond the app: Multiple instances supported, support for self-signed server
certificates,  automatic detection of instance version and date format used, no server side configuration changes necessary
Version compatibility: Icinga Core all versions | iOS 5 or later | iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
More info: http://nagify.com/
Quick views: Problems, Instances, Settings, About
Commands: Schedule downtimes, acknowledge issues, enable/disable notifications, schedule next check
Usability: Search, sort and filter functions, show performance graphs (PNP4Nagios or NagiosGrapher)
Beyond the app: Multiple instances supported, no server side configuration changes necessary
Version compatibility: Icinga Core 1.3 -1.6  | iOS 4.2 or later| iPhone, iPod Touch
More info: http://www.s-team.at/en/touchmon
Quick views: Tactical, Event Log, Hosts, Services
Commands: Over 30 commands eg. Active/passive checks, flap detection, schedule downtimes, acknowledge issues etc.
Usability: Sort and filter functions
Beyond the app: Multiple instances supported
Version compatibility: Icinga Core all versions  | iOS 3.1.3 or later | iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
More info: http://idevelop.fullnet.com/iapps/modules/apps/inag.php
If we’ve missed any details or other cool apps, let us know in the comments below!

Streamed: Icinga at the OSMC 2010 online

Compliments of Linux Magazin, a streamed video of our presentation at the Open Source Monitoring Conference is now available for all to view.  October 2010, Bernd stepped up to the mic on behalf Michael F, Lara, Marius, Ricardo, Jannis, Karo and Scott who were all there (on/off stage, calling in from Oz) to represent the team.
In the presentation, he introduced Icinga’s technical foundations and explained plans to improve Icinga’s architecture to better solve problems in distributed and large environments and bring greater redundancy. Current REST API development was also on show, alongside a demo of the classic and new web interface with integrated Jasper reporting and Business Process Addon views.
After sharing Icinga’s roadmap the team topped it all off with a surprise release of Icinga Mobile offering of course a live demo. Keep your ears perked for the rustle of smart phones pulled out from pockets in the crowd, as the demo took on a more collective nature.

Though it was presented in German, the slides are completely in English.
View the streamed presentation at http://www.techcast.com/events/osmcfree/icinga/ and enjoy!

Icinga Goes Mobile!

You ask and team Icinga responds. The request for an Icinga mobile app has been floating around for a while now, and here it now is. Icinga Mobile is our app tailored for your iPhone (pre-tested), Android, and what not.
Written in JavaScript and enhanced with Sencha, Icinga Mobile communicates through Icinga Web though its HTTP interface. Simply install it on your server and list it in your phone’s bookmarks and you’re off. Settings adjusted on each phone are stored locally and granted objects are based on Icinga Web user preferences and API key. In this way updates need only to be made centrally, for all your Icinga Mobile users to stay up to date.
As you would expect, hosts and services can be displayed in detail, filtered and sorted by status. Commands can be sent just as on Icinga Web. Authentication via the API key also ensures all user rights are carried over from Icinga Web, to have Icinga Mobile display only their relevant views.
With Icinga now in your pocket, problems will be that bit faster to anticipate, even when far away from a computer. So thanks to all those who voted on our feedback forum for a mobile app – your ideas are our impetus!
Download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/icinga/files/
Trial it at http://mobile.demo.icinga.org/interface/
Check it out at http://git.icinga.com/icinga-mobile.git