Icinga Web 2.0.0 – The final version is unleashed

After tons of hours of work, we are proud to present today the final version of our interface Icinga Web 2. The new interface comes with a completely new design and many user-friendly enhancements to find the relevant information even faster.
With the new design you can see at glance whether Icinga runs properly or significant problems occurred. We enhanced the dashboard with new views to easily see overdue or disabled checks, and muted hosts and services which have already been acknowledged. In contrast to previous versions, the interface has now a detailed view for host and service checks which are not being executed in time.
To provide additional security, we added many new features, for example accessing modules now requires appropriate permissions. All existing permissions and restrictions of the predecessors are of course retained in the new version. Roles containing permissions and restrictions can be assigned to users and user groups in order to permit or restrict their access.
We also improved the integration of Active Directory and other LDAP servers. The new version supports to load users, users groups and group memberships of them as well as authenticating against Kerberos and loading user groups from Active Directory. A major advance is the creation of hosts and services actions; instead of defining them via Icinga’s configuration files, every user is now enabled to create them with the web interface and even share them to others.

The configuration allows to add actions only to certain hosts or services and supports macros like the host and service name, and custom variables. The new web interface provides yet a very basic API for scheduling and removing host and service downtimes. Basic access authentication is also a new feature to ease usage of the API.
For the future, you can expect more API actions and the creation of modules to integrate various popular tools to enhance the DevOps stack.
Find the current version on GitHub right know, while packages will be available soon.

Breaking – Icinga Wallpaper

From time to time people out there asked for an Icinga wallpaper. This was not an high priority issue for us, but latest sleeplessness helped a lot to move that forward :). Feel free to download our “Junior Pixelmator Edition” if you like. And if you don’t like it or (and this would be the much better thing) you can do it better, feel free to modify the Photoshop and Pixelmator sources. Have a nice weekend.

Icinga 1.4.1 released

Icinga 1.4.0 contained several bugs which now have been fixed on the core and web side of development 🙂
The XSS vulnerability in the Classic UI reported by Stefan Schurtz has been resolved too. Download Icinga 1.4.1 now!
* core: fix retain status file over an init script reload #1579
* classic ui: fix cross site scripting vulnerability in config.cgi on config expander arguments #1605
* classic ui: better handling of writing to cgi.log in cmd.cgi #1161
* classic ui: fixing tac.cgi header problems with counting and adding pending and descritptions #1505 #1506 #1508
* classic ui: corrected behaviour of pending states in tac header #1508
* install: fix event handlers cmd file location in contrib #1501
* fix LDAP auth allows empty passwords #1596
* fix filter information wrong after saving cronk #1525
* fix prefs growing endlessly in Icinga-Web causing lot’s of traffic #1513
* fix cronks page make-up #1509
* principals now work with wildcards
* provided IE JS fix
* CFLAGS for FreeBSD #1604
* show_tac_header_pending #1529
As usual – please report any bugs/feature requests/etc to our development tracker and/or community channels! 🙂

Icinga 1.3.1 released

Thanks to everyone using 1.3.0 and pushing feedback onto our development tracker! While working on the upcoming 1.4 branch, we decided to backport all recent bugfixes into the 1.3 tree and release Icinga 1.3.1 🙂
Core & IDOUtils

  • fix flexible downtime on service hard state changed doesn’t get triggered
  • fix display_name survive reconfiguration and is used instead of host_name in classic ui
  • fix rdbms reconnect after connection error, add more hints for oracle to ido2db.cfg

Classic UI

  • fix csv export link to make it XSS save (IE)
  • fix XSS vulnerability in statusmap.cgi
  • fix tooltips in status.cgi, not showing message with carriage return
  • fix refresh on non-refreshable cgis, don’t show pause/continue
  • fix segfaults if no default_user_name= given in cgi.cfg

Web & API

  • fix Oracle full SID support in oci8
  • fix missing commands: remove acknowledgements
  • add missing principal creation on user import via external auth
  • fix schema updates not copied to icinga-web installation
  • fix icinga-web spec file does not perform %pre functions
  • fix wrong filter in openproblems, fixed statusmap in portal
  • fix crashes when switching tabs quickly

Download Icinga 1.3.1 from Sourceforge – updated packages should be available soon for various distributions. Make sure you’ll upgrade your IDOUtils DB!
Please report any bugs/feature requests to our development tracker and make sure you’ll checkout the Icinga Community Wiki for advanced topics =)

Intermediate Release: Icinga 1.2.1

Icinga 1.2.1 introduces a minor release on our stable branch for 1.2 – future fixes for 1.2 will be released the same way while working on the 1.3 unstable branch.
Changelist excerpt:

  • detecting the downtimes correctly again (Core)
  • scheduling a check for all services on a host (Core)
  • snprintf in make on Solarisepn tag (Core)
  • ignoring empty definitions correctly (Core)
  • closing the database connection correctly on errors (Core)
  • html escaping in the newly introduced comment toolstips (Core)
  • hide initial state and current state log entries in showlog.cgi. (Core)
  • task in Admin panel – directly clearing the cache (Web)
  • static urls fix (Web)
  • number of items in Postgresql and Oracle fix (Web)
  • preventing free edit of language preferences (Web)
  • fixed PNP install, epn support, added cgiurl hint to nagios-plugins install (Docs)
  • more info on plugin usage (Docs)

Thanks to everyone reporting back on 1.2.0 release! Therefore we decided to put several fixes and also enhancements directly into a 1.2.1 release.
A major fix for Icinga Core is detecting the downtimes correctly again, while scheduling a check for all services on a host works again in the classic UI.
Several combined fixes on the core include snprintf in make on Solaris, epn tag fixes and the fix for ignoring empty definitions correctly, only warn in case. IDOUtils now closes the database connection correctly on errors, preventing too much dead connections on the RDBMS.
We’ve also fixed the html escaping in the newly introduced comment toolstips and also added html tags on the extinfo comment table cells in the Classic UI. CSV export has been extended for all options in Availibity Reports. It is now possible to hide initial state and current state log entries in showlog.cgi.
Icinga Web features a new task in Admin panel – you can now directly clear the cache if having changed underlaying configuration. The static urls are working again, next to several fixes on Postgresql schema. The main cronk now shows the correct number of items in Postgresql and Oracle (API group by fix), and the datetime format has been fixed too next to preventing free edit of language preferences.
Icinga Docs has been updated too – fixed PNP install, epn support, added cgiurl hint to nagios-plugins install, hint for safe_mode=off for PHP 5.3, hint for selinux in IDOUtils Quickstart and last but not least added more info on plugin usage.
Download Icinga 1.2.1 and keep up with reporting back any issues/feedback/feature requests! =)