On the road for Icinga

Icinga on tour August 2015 - DebConf - FrOSConWe always want to bring Icinga and our work as a project closer to the people, show them what we do, and what Icinga can do for them.
Over the last few days I visited the DebConf15 and the FrOSCon, both in Germany, but still with the focus on a international audience.
Check the videos and slides if you are interested what I was talking about, the catchphrase is “Why favour Icinga over Nagios“.
There was also another talk about Icinga2 monitoring, for a business intelligence software, might be interesting for our German speaking users.


(Short edition)

Download Video – other Videos from DebConf

FrOSCon 2015

(Long edition)

Video: details and download – other Videos from FrOSCon

Datawarehouse Monitoring mit Icinga2 (GERMAN)

Gehalten von Sebastian Henrich

Details and download

Events in August 2015

Icinga on tour August 2015 - DebConf - FrOSConDuring August I will represent the Icinga team at two open source oriented conferences in Germany.
If you are visiting any of the conferences, feel free to contact me if you want to talk about Icinga.
Markus FroschLook for my face.
Tweet me on @icinga or @lazyfrosch
Or show up at my talks!


The yearly Debian conference and meetup for developers and contributors of the well known Linux distribution.
Well over 500 participants are expected. You might want to have a look when you are interested about Debian or Ubuntu in general.
When: Saturday 15 – Saturday 22 August (with a DebCamp the week before)
Where: Heidelberg, Germany at the International Youth Hostel
All details and schedules: http://debconf15.debconf.org


One of the big and community based open source meetups in Germany, the name says “Free and Open Source Software Conference”.
The audience is pretty wide spread, from a small student curious about Linux, to big companies.
There are even workshops for kids, about programming and the usual Raspberries or other fruits.
When: Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August 2015
Where: near Bonn, Germany at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Science
All details: https://www.froscon.de/en/info/

Back from FroSCon 2014

FrOSCon LogoLast weekend the FroSCon (Free and Open Source Software Conference) took place in Sankt Augustin (Germany), one of the big and always interesting Open Source conferences in Europe. I used the opportunity to talk about the current state of Icinga, current news, and mostly Icinga 2 and the upcoming Icinga Web 2.
There was also a recording of the talk. Unfortunately for the English guys reading our blog, the talk itself was held in German, due to the mostly German audience. The slides are in English though.
Ralf C. Staudemeyer (@n0airc0n), one of the authors of the “Nagios/Icinga Kochbuch”, held a talk about “Zero-cost security monitoring”, make sure to check his talk out as well! (Also German)
You can also find information about the other talks on their website, and most of the talks were recorded, some are in English!
Thanks to the great people behind the conference, it was a pleasure to participate!
Icinga 1, Icinga2 @ FrOSCon 2014 from media.ccc.de

Slides FrOSCon 2014

A few impressions

Visit Icinga @ Chemnitz Linux Days

Just as one exhibition is over, another comes. From CeBIT in Hannover, we hop over to Chemnitz for their Linux conference and exhibition. 19 – 20 March, Team Icinga will be there to represent, with a speech and a stand for you to visit.
In its 13th year, the Chemnitz Linux Days offers 2 days of presentations, workshops and more for anyone interested in Linux and open source software. Held in the lecture halls of the Chemnitz University of Technology, the event is co-organized by the university’s Faculty of Computer Science and computing centre alongside IN Chemnitz, CLUG and many volunteers. Their program is jam packed with speeches and workshops on topics ranging from hardware to business / IT management and coding to legal issues, kernels, embedded and beginner courses.
Tickets are just 8 EUR at the door, so if you happen to be in around this weekend in Chemnitz – visit us on the ground floor!

Icinga 1.2 unified stable released!

Live from OSMC in Nuremberg – we did it! Icinga 1.2 hits the next level of opensource monitoring!
Bringing you the latest Icinga release – unified version 1.2 for core, classic ui, idoutils, docs, api and web 🙂
New Icinga-Web features long awaited PNP4Nagios Integration (have a look in etc/contrib/) and missing comments integrated into hosts and services view. Next to that we’ve added PENDING states to reflect checks not yet executed while the live search for objects performs excellent. Having trouble with upgrading and overwritten? This is now history, place your custom configuration into site xml files which won’t get overwritten! We have also added new translations and a fresh icon set for your pleasure.
Icinga Classic UI is not dead – we’ve added more great features and enhancements: multiple delete for downtimes and comments is now available. Ever wanted CSV Output on all CGIs, not parsing HTML Output? We just did it, watch out for “Export to CSV” within the Classic UI! Thanks to Jochen Bern, the config command expander is now integrated and will help you in “translating” check_command and command_line to the shell command Icinga core will attempt to execute. Comments are now tooltips on status.cgi – this nice enhancement has also been added to beautified cmd.cgi. The menu has been reworked a bit, adding unhandled problems again. Next to that, several fixes for Solaris segfaults and the complete drop of php as a dependency for the Classic UI.
Icinga Core does not skip hostchecks anymore, if servicechecks disabled. Furthermore, scheduled downtime notifications are not sent anymore on restart/reload. An eventhandler override has been added to in order to support mod_gearman. The core dumps on Solaris and gcc3 are all resolved! Meanwhile, Icinga IDOUtils had a significant forking problem when the database connection was not available. Debugged and fixed. Hooray!
Last, but not least – Icinga documentation in English and German features a lot of changes invoked through ongoing development, but also several new sections as mentioned for Icinga Web Introduction, Icinga Web REST API or even complete docs on external commands for Icinga Core.
A new reporting package for Jasper has been in the works – we’ve added docs and a first package while shipping Icinga 1.2!
We hope you enjoy Icinga 1.2 and love it as we do =)
Feedback, feature requests or bug reports much appreciated!