Chemnitz Linux Days 2013 – Open Source Monitoring Today and Tomorrow

CLT2013_LogoThanks to Amanda’s awesome organization, Team Icinga arrived safely in Chemnitz at CLT 2013 – accompanied by the exclusive Icinga beer, sponsored by Netways – thanks a bunch! 🙂
Actually, we have a lot of fun – discussions on Icinga, live hack sessions on dev tracker issues or just having some beer(s). Feedback on Icinga is great, and we might actually adapt some ideas for the upcoming 1.9 release.
On Saturday 15:00, Web and Core lead developers Marius and Michael teamed up and presented “Icinga Open Source Monitoring – Today and Tomorrow”. While the overview and demo of Icinga 1.8 was rather short in comparison, the presentation focused on our core rewrite Icinga 2.  After showing the latest improvements on the to-be-released Milestone 2 it was demo time again, running latest GIT snapshot with some to-be-notified checks 🙂
You’ll find the slides directly on slideshare, or as download here.
Since CLT also offers a rich program of presentations and workshops, we also walked by and saved some impressions – namely, that FSFE’s clothes for babies would just fit for Icinga as well 😉 Find some more pictures from Team Icinga at CLT 2013 below.


Chemnitz Linux Days – Work in progress

CLT Logo
After a really short night here in chemnitz the booth is ready and the demo-systems are started. We had a wonderful evening “event” which finally results in oriental food and a couple of beers. In a short way, we had a lot of fun.
We have a wonderful place here in the entry hall of the TU Chemnitz and everything is on its place. Thanks to Amanda for the awesome organization.
If you are near to Chemnitz or still here, come on over to us!

Have you seen the Icinga-Beer in Eric’s hand? Tonight is the night 🙂

Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2011 – Second day

The second and final day is coming to an end. The event has turned out to be much bigger than expected- there must have been at least 2000 visitors through the exibition area and at least 100 speeches. For those interested, our presentation that touches on our future plans for Icinga is below to download.
We have had a great time chatting to the many who have come by our stand and around the halls. Hope to come next year again!


Chemnitzer Linux-Tage 2011 – First day

This year we took the chance to join the Chemitzer Linux-Tage in… well you guessed it, in Chemnitz 🙂 Starting early at 8.00 we prepared our booth for the audience. The feedback on our project is really amazing and a lot of people have already migrated from Nagios to Icinga or plan to in the near future. Once again we noticed that every part of the project is very important for our success.

When talking about the reasons on moving to Icinga, we heard that it was because of the “Multiple Commands in the Classic Web”, “Mobile App” and last but not least “Because there is documentation and a web interface in multiple languages”.

Our one hour speech about the project, organization, features and half hour live demo was a big success with a lot of feedback and subsequent discussion.

The many people here means no intermediate release this weekend 🙂