Monthly Snap August – v2.5, InfluxDB, Contributions

IMG_0330We keep working together as an open source community. We’re here to listen what you say – keep it polite and encourage/motivate us to solve your problem with you as best as we can. Lean back and think how others would react if you click “send”, frustrated with an issue tab opened in your browser. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just close the tab or rephrase. The person on the other end (dev and/or user) will appreciate it. In the end we all are human beings with emotions, language & culture differences and offline needs (friends, family, hobbies, etc.). What we have in common – we all want to build a great Icinga monitoring product together 🙂
Bernd did a great ignite on that topic with “Working in and with Open Source Communities” at DevOpsDays Amsterdam (video starts at 17:35).

User story: Bachelor thesis on Icinga 2

We’re busy developers always trying to help on our community channels (mailing lists, forum, IRC) whenever possible. Some users just ask one question, others stick around and get into detail. One of them was Benjamin asking lots of questions about Icinga 2 HA clusters and clients. We exchanged several private messages and emails and it turned out that he is studying Information and Communication Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig and was writing his bachelor thesis on the Icinga 2 Migration at Deutsche Telekom Technik (in German).
I kindly asked him to share his bachelor thesis as we love to see how Icinga 2 is used and evaluated in user and enterprise environments. Benjamin did send it this week, enjoy reading 🙂 Note: The content copyright is held by the author only.
Have your own story on Icinga? Get in touch and share yours 🙂