Buch! Buch! I wer' narrisch!*

It’s done. There is a book about Icinga 2 available as hardcopy (right now) and e-book (coming soon). icinga2_coverThere is only one minor drawback: It’s entirely in German. Since Lennart and me are German native-speakers, we decided it would be best to write the book in German, too. (In fact I’m Austrian, but Austrian is so similar to German that linguists still argue if it’s the same language or not)
But don’t you despair, if you can’t read German and don’t have the time to learn how to. We are still negotiating whether there will be an English version of the book or not. We will keep you updated.
If you are able to read German, here’s what is in the book:

  • Installation of Icinga 2 including the ClassicUI and Icinga Web 2
  • Thorough introduction to the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Monitoring with the Icinga 2 agent, NRPE and SSH
  • Notifications
  • Distributed monitoring with satellites
  • Best Practices about how to plan and implement a monitoring setup
  • 100 pages about monitoring plugins
  • Graphing with Graphite and PNP
  • Logmanagement with Logstash
  • Business Processes
  • Reporting
  • Appendices with lots of extra code examples

The whole book uses a fictional company for examples which are backed with actual code. The examples were not only tested in a test environment but some are taken out of actual setups from customers (We are  Icinga consultants for a living)
So, if you want to order one (or more) book you can do so via Amazon, directly from the publisher or many other sources. E-books are still in the pipeline but will be available via most stores, too. If you’re not sure if you want to buy one, the publisher has some samples on the website.
* The headline means “Book! Book! I’m going crazy!” in Austrian. It’s a reference to a commentary to the soccer game Germany-vs-Austria Córdoba 1978 (just replace Book with Tor, which means Goal) which is even famous outside of the soccer fanbase. In fact I don’t like soccer at all but I thought it would be a nice headline.
For your reference:

v1.10 Feature Preview: New Classic UI Filters

Icinga Classic UI users brace yourselves: clickable custom filters are on their way. If you really prefer to filter via URL, you are welcome to continue to do so, but the less swift of hand can look forward to:


Simply click on “Set Filters” and a pop up window with a range of options will appear. Click away and apply, to have your hosts or services filtered as you please.
From seeing which services are currently in WARNING or UNHANDLED states, to seeing which of them have notifications enabled or are flapping, the new filter ought to make Classic UI just that bit more intuitive and enjoyable to use.
Cheers to stku for the (longstanding) feature request, and my girlfriend for bearing with me while I cursed away at my computer upon discovering an annoying mistake in the source code. The curious will find my rants in the code on git.
We hope you look forward to Icinga 1.10 coming in 50 days as much as we do.

Icinga Reporting – For Icinga-Web & Classic UI Users

In version 1.5, we released an Icinga Reporting Cronk pre-installed in the Icinga-Web interface. Though Icinga-Web users maybe happy, perhaps Icinga Classic users might appreciate the ability to generate flash looking reports too. Good news is, Icinga Reporting can also be used as an add-on to the JasperReports interface to edit, generate and send reports using data from the Icinga Core.
Integrating Icinga Reporting is simple, all you require is:
– a JasperReports server,
Icinga Core with a configured MySQL database and IDOUtils enabled
Icinga Reporting package
and the rest is very simple, as ernestoongaro shows in his Youtube webcast:

JasperReports Server with Icinga Monitoring
(Part 1: Installation)

Also, for those who would like to edit the existing report templates or create their own, ernestoongaro gives a quick introduction to Jasper’s iReport WYSIWG editor:

JasperReports Server with Icinga Monitoring
(Part 2: Usage & Basic Report Development)


Cheers to Ernesto for his easy-to-follow webcasts!
More information
Read more on Icinga Reporting’s features and how Icinga Reporting works. To get installation advice, see our Icinga Reporting Wiki articles.

Icinga 1.5.1 released

As you may have noticed, the web developers already released a bugfixed 1.5.1 Icinga Web version (and 1.5.2 is to be announced soon). Now it’s time to fix some Core, Classic UI and IDOUtils related issues – so the core team is releasing 1.5.1 too 🙂
* core: free memory allocated notification macros right after sending the notification, not in next notification
* classic ui: fix Localization: Form validation message could be improved (thx Mario Rimann) #1849
* classic ui: fix wrong titles in list of scheduled downtimes (thx Mario Rimann) #1848
* classic ui: fix host and service names are not allowed to have a ‘+’ included #1843
* idoutils: idomod: change stacked memory allocation for broker_data IDO_MAX_BUFLEN #1879
* idoutils: fix idomod should log more verbose on errors, asking for a running ido2db process #1885
* spec file: re-add processing headers
As usual, please download from sourceforge and report any bugs or features requests to our dev tracker and/or support channels.

Icinga Core, Classic UI & IDOUtils 1.4.2 released

Due to the recent fixes in 1.4.1 the XSS vulnerability caused the command expander in config.cgi not to work as expected. Alongside this bug, there were various other things to resolve while working on the 1.5 dev branches. All important fixes have been backported into 1.4 tree and can now be found in a revamped 1.4.2 release on Core, Classic UI and IDOUtils.
Download 1.4.2 now or wait for your distribution to push updated packages 🙂 Special note: 1.4.2 does not require IDOUtils DB upgrading.

  • core: fix freshness_threshold problem in host checks by using check_interval in HARD or OK state, else retry_interval (like service checks) #1331
  • classic ui: add a check for status data freshness into cgis #1667
  • classic ui: re-fix xss vulnerability and string escaping for command expansion #1605 #1624
  • classic ui: remove sidebar.html inclusion in index.html causing troubles on reload #1632
  • classic ui: fixed: User can execute host/servicegroup commands even if not authorized for (Sven Nierlein) #1679
  • classic ui: fixed: plugin_output_short didn’t get checked properly and caused segfault in status.cgi #1673
  • idoutils: do not update start_time of already started downtimes #1658
  • idoutils: fix started downtime update for table scheduleddowntime in oracle #1658
  • install: fix make install-idoutils overwrites sample – adding idoutils.cfg-sample instead #1625

Please report any bugs/feature requests/etc to our development tracker and/or community channels! 🙂