Icinga Web 2 v2.1.1 released

icingaweb2_xmas_theme_loginBecause Santa would not be happy without a new Icinga Web 2 release for Christmas, we’re happy to announce the release of Icinga Web 2 version 2.1.1. This release is a primary a bugfix release, but also introduces a very cool new thing: Theming!
Curious? Be sure to checkout our winter theme in your preferences configuration. Imagine your critical and warning messages are presented in such a lovely winter wonderland. The only time in the year red is really looking great.
Find v2.1.1 on GitHub or use the packages for your favorite platform.

Changelog Version 2.1.1


  • Feature 10488: Use _ENV variables with built-in PHP webserver
  • Feature 10705: Theming
  • Feature 10898: Winter theme


  • Bug 9685: Deprecate Module::registerHook() in favor of Hook::provideHook()
  • Bug 9957: Sort hosts and services by last state change
  • Bug 10123: CSS loading may fail w/ mkdir(): File exists in FileCache.php
  • Bug 10126: setup config directory –config should use mkdir -p instead of mkdir()
  • Bug 10166: library/vendor/HTMLPurifier tree is incorrectly unpacked
  • Bug 10170: Link to service downtimes from multiple selected services includes host downtimes as well
  • Bug 10338: Debian: Failed to open stream HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier.php
  • Bug 10603: Line breaks are not respected in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
  • Bug 10658: SUSE packages have the wrong dependencies
  • Bug 10659: LDAP group members are shown with their DN and membership registration does not work
  • Bug 10670: State not highlighted in plugin output
  • Bug 10671: Auto-focus the username field on the login page
  • Bug 10683: lib/CLI command web serve: rename variable basedir to something meaningful
  • Bug 10702: Host- and Service-Actions configured in Web 2 do not resolve any macros
  • Bug 10749: XHR application-state requests pollute the URL if not authenticated
  • Bug 10771: Login shows “Anmelden……..” upon login with the german locale
  • Bug 10781: LoggingConfigForm.php complains about whitespace but checks with /^[^\W]+$/
  • Bug 10790: “Problems – Service Grid” does not work with host names that contain only digits
  • Bug 10884: Tabs MUST throw an exception when activating an inexistant tab
  • Bug 10886: “impacted” container is no longer fading out
  • Bug 10892: Wrong mask for FileCache’s temp directory

Icinga Bells

Fresh from the Christmas staff party for a lot of Icinga team members, comes a rather different Christmas song.
We hope you all enjoy it, and you can start relaxing for the upcoming holidays.
Kudos to Thomas Gelf for the lyrics!

Icinga (Jingle Bells)

Trav’ling through the world, with a sexy fancy toy,
To the valley for a show, coding is a joy.
Forking like a king, while all my servers cry,
All the cores are jumping in, go threading, be not shy.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

A day or two ago, my tears not even dried,
Another fancy patch, came out and made me cry.
The patch was lean and lank, but still it didn’t solve
The problems there I had, I’d say they did evolve.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

A day or two ago, the story I must tell,
Being at a customer, processors burned like hell.
Mister Gun’ar riding by, with Michael at his side,
They coded day and night, for fun and for their pride.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

They managed it to keep, the load now pretty low,
But that’s just half the fun, so let instructions flow!
Context switches rock, and databases burn,
Hardware has been built for use, so let the spindles churn.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

Icinga Shop – We are ready for Christmas!

Christmas is coming closer and the demand for really cool presents is growing rapidly. But we are here for you if you need us and therefore we are happy to launch our brand new Icinga Shop.
For a couple of years people have been asking us for various Icinga swag and the only answer we had was: “We are thinking about that!” It took some time but now we launch with a couple of products like mugs, hoodies, shirts and of course stickers. The mugs are Made in Germany and the high quality hoodies and polos are embroidered on demand.
The result is amazing and we are happy to offer you gluten free, organic and of course local stuff. Right know we are not able to deliver to every destination but we are working on adding new countries on a monthly base. You need a mug for your girlfriend, a hoodie for your father in law or a sticker for your grandmother? Here we are!
We are sure that you want to order right now. Let’s go and add some stuff to your cart and please don’t forget – Eric is not included.

All we want for Christmas … is You!

icinga_christmasWe don’t want to exaggerate but 2014 really was one of our greatest years for the Icinga project now coming to an end. It is not really hard to tell. In addition to amazing people contributing to Icinga we definitely reached the next level of the project.

  • Icinga 2: After a couple of years we finally reached the point where Icinga 2 was ready for the release. It took us years of development and sleepless nights, but also weeks of discussions on how we can do things right. Changing the configuration format was one of our biggest concerns in being successful. We really wanted more than small changes and maintance, we wanted to reach a complete new level of monitoring – and so it happened. If we look at Icinga 2 now, I am confident we made it happen in many ways. And your awesome feedback verified our opinion in so many ways. More …
  • Icinga Camp San Francisco: It was the first time for us to host an event on the other side of the ocean and thanks to GitHub and Kelsey and James organizing an awesome event German-style we where able to do so. To cut a long story short. Icinga Camp San Francisco was a blast and we took so much positive energy out of it. Seeing that a lot of really really big brands using Icinga 2 in production was incredible. More …
  • Icinga Web 2: In addition to the core we started working on an Icinga Web successor one and half year ago. We invested a lot of time into the basic design questions and how we can make it easy for others to contribute. The feedback on our first Beta in November was overwhelming and we are still working on Icinga Web 2 to get it ready for the final release early next year. Looking at users starting to write modules for it already is the best feedback you can get. More …

Don’t be afraid, we still want more and have a lot of plans for the upcoming months. In addition to more community events in Barcelona and Portland, we will follow our successful strategy from the past making Icinga the most awesome monitoring tool out there. Though Icinga’s success is built on community spirit so we’d like to hear about your wishes and ideas! Please let us know what you desire the most for 2015 in the poll below:

[yop_poll id=”1″]

Last but not least we wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Wishes for Icinga 2

With our recent Icinga 2 v0.0.6 release, we managed to tick off one Christmas wish from last year – recurring downtimes, and just in the nick of time.
While the momentum is strong, we thought we’d ask… What would you like most of all for Icinga 2 in 2014?
[poll id=”13″]
We hope you were good this year, ’cause we’d like some of these wishes to come true too 😉