Revisited: Icinga Classic UI

You might be wondering, why Icinga has two web guis available for install

  • Icinga Classic UI (in icinga tarball)
  • Icinga Web (in icinga-web tarball)

Icinga Classic UI combines the Icinga CGIs using the old data storage format, based on HTML and CGI while the new Icinga Web introduces a shiny web 2.0 framework based web interface, using Icinga IDOUtils as data source. The overall question would be – why focus on 2 guis?
The answer is rather simple – many members of the core team (and others) still have their existing setups – large environments using the Classic UI and introducing something new isn’t always possible. Even more, taste is different. And of course, Icinga Classic UI still provides a local fallback, if (remote) Icinga Web might cause troubles. Last but not least, there are Icinga addons using the CGIs, and we love to help developers using alternative methods than HTML parsers. This is why we are actively pushing development ressources into Icinga Classic UI whilst working on Icinga Web, sharing fresh ideas amongst each other.
You might have followed the overall history on the Classic UI enhancements we already introduced: adding support for display_name attribute, multiple command sending for hosts/services, CSV export for all CGIs, add address6 / IPv6 support, and many more.
For Icinga 1.4 we had a bunch of long awaited and also newly introduced features on our roadmap:

  • Searching in the Icinga Logfile through the Webinterface, introducing new filters, rewritten code, enabling filtering on historical data / reporting for future development (#516)
  • Store cmd.cgi submissions in log – initially implemented, and if enabled via cgi.cfg it will catch who did send which command (#1161)
  • Enforce a need for comment for action taken in cmd.cgi – can be used in combination with new cmd.cgi logging (#610)
  • Add config option to set start of week (sunday/monday) – for trends and reports (#1269)
  • Display host/service dependencies in host/service details in extinfo.cgi – might become handy (#1300)
  • Allow searching for host display_name normal and via regexp – completing display_name support (#1393)
  • Add JSON output to cgis – will become handy for addon devs, like CSV export (#1217)
  • Replace top.html with alternative CGI driven view – Thanks to Matthew Brooks, Icinga 1.4 will get a new top frame, showing the status information like Icinga Web does (#1406)

We hope you like the latest changes – stay tuned for Icinga 1.4 on 11.5.2011 including Icinga Classic UI 🙂
Update 6.5.2011: Matthew just provided an enhanced version of the status header (added image below). This will show the counts of unacknowledged active/passive and acknowledged states including title hover. Even more, the background color will change. Let us know what you think 🙂

Update 6.5.2011:

Icinga 1.2 Classic UI Updates

As our new release gets closer we would like to give you a little sneak preview of our upcoming features for the Classic UI.
The most obvious changes are:

  • tooltips for comments in status.cgi – you don’t have to open the host/service anymore to see the comments, just move your mouse over. Nice idea Ricardo 🙂
  • multiple delete of comments and downtimes – now you can tick the items you want to delete and click the delete button – just like multiple commands support in status.cgi. Well done Rune&Ricardo!
  • csv export on pretty much every page – you can now export various lists and status data directly. There is a small “Export to CSV” link bringing up a page with the current content in csv format. Adding two new config options where you can decide which characters are used for output format completes this nifty enhancement – great job Ricardo!
  • commands expander for config display. This will help at $ARGn$ substitution and showing the exact command line the core will attempt to execute. Long awaited feature, big thanks to Jochen Bern!
  • combined fixes including a slightly modified menu, adding unhandled host/service problems, javascript library updates, fixed segfaults on Solaris in status.cgi without query_string and also complete drop of php as dependency for the classic ui.

We hope you like the enhancement & fixes for Icinga Classic UI 1.2 – please help us test for the upcoming release! 🙂