Icinga @ CeBit 2015

cebitStarting early on Sunday morning meeting in the NETWAYS office in Nuremberg, the first shift moved to Hannover reaching out for CeBit 2015 preparations. The Open Source Park is located in hall 6, and we were excited to have our booth directly attached to the Open Source Forum where all the cool presentations took place as well.
Monday morning should’ve started quiet and calm, but it wasn’t – users and visitors stopping by and looking at the fancy Icinga Web 2 demo. Listening to our stories on how Icinga 2‘s apply-services-based-on-patterns works and all the benefits with and around it. The first day already was overwhelming and so did it go on the second day on Tuesday. So much #monitoringlove at CeBit is really incredible, and we certainly enjoyed showing everything in detail 🙂
We also had the pleasure giving two radio interviews – make sure to join the Open Source Magazin CeBit special on Monday, 23.3.2015 and the Midnight Gaming CeBit Podcast (German only).
Bernd joined later in the evening, having prepared his talk in the Open Source Forum on Wednesday, Enterprise Open Source Monitoring with Icinga 2. Never seen so many people attending a talk in the Open Source Forum and the presentation really was a blast. After the talk the Icinga booth was a bit crowded 😉 The second shift with Eric, Johannes and co-workers from NETWAYS already joined us and so Marius and myself where leaving Wednesday, tired but happy 🙂
While our feedback was overwhelming, it did not stop yet. People coming over and saying “Thanks for Icinga, we love it” is the best feedback there is! And rumors do tell the party on Wednesday evening was great too, and Thursday was a bit heavy. But still, following the Icinga social media streams the appreciation is massive and really keeps us going forward!
See you next year, hopefully 🙂
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Upcoming events – Please join us!

The next months are fully packed with events and we want to share the most important news and facts with you.
Team Icinga will visit the CeBIT in Hanover. CeBIT takes place from the 16th – 20th of March and our booth is located in hall 6, booth H16. More about CeBIT on our event site.
Camps, Camps, Camps
All started with San Francisco last year and thanks to our friends around the world we are able to come up with more Icinga Camps around the globe. We hope there is a Camp near you and we are working on new Camps for 2016.
For this year the following locations are confirmed:

From the 13th – 15th of March there will be FOSSASIA in Singapore and Team Icinga will join the international conference with over 700 attendees. With the help of OlinData and the FOSSASIA Team we are able to provide a half day Icinga Workshop on the 12th of March. You can register now for that unique opportunity in Asia.
Many thanks to all the people out there helping Icinga around the globe!

Icinga @ CeBIT 2011 – We’re waiting for you!

Day 3 of CeBIT and we’re as pumped as ever. 9 am to 6 pm the team’s been manning the stand in rounds and with visitors streaming through the Open Source Park there’s heaps to keep us on our feet.
So far, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that many who swing by already use Icinga – quite a contrast to our first CeBIT experience just last year.
The latest version 1.3 and its new look web interface has also been well received, with our demo system barely left a few minutes in peace.
We have 2 more days to go (and a couple complimentary tickets left too)  – so hurry up and pop on by at Hall 2, F44 in the Open Source Park!