Monthly Snap August: Icinga Camp Tel Aviv, OSMC Schedule, Icinga 2 Book & Releases

Our first Icinga Camp Tel Aviv happens on December 17th, 2018, the fourth edition in Berlin takes place on March 14th, 2019 again 🙂
The first Icinga meetup in Salzburg, Austria happens on Oct 12th, 2018 – join for more #icingalove. The Berlin meetup was a great success, Carsten and Lennart joined there too. Watch their meetup group for future dates.
The OSMC 2018 schedule is online, with so many interesting talks in two days on three tracks. The hackathon on the last day is also back for more #icingalove.
Watch out for future Icinga trainings by our partners. There’s a new workshop available by NETWAYS which practices automated setups with Puppet and Icinga.
This month brought many releasesIcinga Web 2.6.1 as bugfix release, Graphite module 1.1 and Director 1.5. Icinga joined the OpenAPM initiative in August, you can learn more about it at OSMC later this year. We’ve also learned that Icinga is now an official input for InfluxDB’s Telegraf.
Carsten released v1.3.0 of the Grafana module for Icinga Web 2. Claudio shared insights into pinning checks in HA enabled cluster zones. Our partner NETWAYS has uploaded their webinar on building an Icinga 2 environment. Bernd updated his blog post series on monitoring tools which includes Icinga (obviously ^_^).
When the Icinga 2 book v2.0 got released, you are doing crazy things …. you’ll pause your vacation and drive 140 km … or you’ll wait and take it with you … sit at home and wait like xmas … compare the size, it is huge … feel motivated in a new week … and just love it.
Nagstamon turned 10 this month, cheerio ? Gunnar provided a patch for Icinga 2 which adds references, crazy shit. The monitoring plugins team and community members are working on check_curl replacing check_http at some point. Why would time be wrong, monitored with Icinga? 😉
Thank you Sascha for the nice view with the Icinga 2 book!

Buch! Buch! I wer' narrisch!*

It’s done. There is a book about Icinga 2 available as hardcopy (right now) and e-book (coming soon). icinga2_coverThere is only one minor drawback: It’s entirely in German. Since Lennart and me are German native-speakers, we decided it would be best to write the book in German, too. (In fact I’m Austrian, but Austrian is so similar to German that linguists still argue if it’s the same language or not)
But don’t you despair, if you can’t read German and don’t have the time to learn how to. We are still negotiating whether there will be an English version of the book or not. We will keep you updated.
If you are able to read German, here’s what is in the book:

  • Installation of Icinga 2 including the ClassicUI and Icinga Web 2
  • Thorough introduction to the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Monitoring with the Icinga 2 agent, NRPE and SSH
  • Notifications
  • Distributed monitoring with satellites
  • Best Practices about how to plan and implement a monitoring setup
  • 100 pages about monitoring plugins
  • Graphing with Graphite and PNP
  • Logmanagement with Logstash
  • Business Processes
  • Reporting
  • Appendices with lots of extra code examples

The whole book uses a fictional company for examples which are backed with actual code. The examples were not only tested in a test environment but some are taken out of actual setups from customers (We are  Icinga consultants for a living)
So, if you want to order one (or more) book you can do so via Amazon, directly from the publisher or many other sources. E-books are still in the pipeline but will be available via most stores, too. If you’re not sure if you want to buy one, the publisher has some samples on the website.
* The headline means “Book! Book! I’m going crazy!” in Austrian. It’s a reference to a commentary to the soccer game Germany-vs-Austria Córdoba 1978 (just replace Book with Tor, which means Goal) which is even famous outside of the soccer fanbase. In fact I don’t like soccer at all but I thought it would be a nice headline.
For your reference:

Icinga Network Monitoring Book by Packt

IcingaNetworkMonitoringBookSince the first German book on Icinga was published, it seems like calls from the international, English speaking community have been answered.
The first book dedicated to Icinga has been published in English, thanks to author Viranch Metha and the open source publishing house, Packt.
In seven chapters, “Icinga Network Monitoring” offers a paperback-sized guide for beginners to get started with Icinga- from installation, configuration and notification, to reporting, remote checks and writing custom plugins.
It promises to be packed with example configs, diagrams and screenshots and ought to make those who have been waiting for an English book to supplement the Icinga Docs and Wiki happy. As we haven’t been approached to review the book, we welcome reviews from those who’ve read it in our comments below.
“Icinga Network Monitoring” can be purchased in eBook and paperback format at the Packt website, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble to name a few.

The Nagios/Icinga Cookbook by O’Reilly

Das_Nagios_Icinga_Kochbuch_OReillyThe very first book on Icinga has just hit bookshop shelves: “Das Nagios/Icinga Kochbuch”, thanks to the renowned tech publishing house O’Reilly.
Written by Timo Kucza and Ralf Staudemeyer, the German language book offers handy monitoring recipes for both beginners and more proficient users.
The first four chapters ease newbies into installation, configuration and use of both Icinga Classic and Icinga Web interfaces. The last five chapters tackle more complex use cases such as writing plugins and integrating the graphing and visualization addons, PNP4Nagios and NagVis.
Though we didn’t have too much to do with it, we are proud to say, our very own Core developer Michael Friedrich proofread the book. As the authors are very detailed in explaining their solutions to various monitoring issues, the handbook is a nice complement to the Icinga Docs and Wiki for German speakers.
The book is available in PDF and paperback on the German O’Reilly website, and other online bookstores.