Icinga is 5 years old!

Today we celebrate Icinga’s 5th birthday and 5 incredible years. We have come a long way from a young fork in 2009, with aspirations to improve upon Nagios. Today we are at the cusp of releasing a complete rewrite, Icinga 2 beta and a new-concept interface Icinga Web 2 – all while maintaining progress on the Icinga 1.x branch.
It is no surprise then that we clocked up over 4800 commits in the last year and doubled in number of contributors. These included nine milestone releases of Icinga 2, and three Icinga 1.x stable releases. Along the way, Icinga 2 has made it to “Icinga 1.x / Nagios drop-in replacement” status, boasting a new object-based configuration format, built-in cluster capabilities and convenient integration with Graphite, Livestatus-based addons.
Development in Icinga 1.x was also active, with improved interoperability and performance in the Core and Web, adding Classic UI live search and click filtering as well as a new Web cronk menu and ‘problems’ views. For these enhancements, we thank the many community contributors who sent in patches, bug reports and feature ideas.

Icinga 5th birthday

In fact, community creations have come in all forms this past year- from the very first books on Icinga published in English and German to RIPE’s Atlas probe with Icinga and Pager Duty’s Icinga notification services.
Our 5th year also brought important changes to our community channels. We moved all our release downloads to Github, migrated our user, development and announcement mailing lists to lists.icinga.org, and created a new auto-built package repository at packages.icinga.org.
In between these activities and development on Icinga 1.x, Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2, we somehow managed to make it to a couple of events. We headed over to Brighton for FLOSSUK and London for DevOps Days; joined Chemnitz Linux Days and the OSMC, and got together for a team meet-up at the Linux Hotel.
Looking back, this past year may have been the busiest yet. All this activity has certainly attracted the attention of larger organisations such as the carmaker Audi, who implemented Icinga to monitor a whopping 10,000+ hosts and 50,000 services.
Such environments speak for the maturity of Icinga as a project and we are proud to have made it this far in just 5 years. So on this special day, we’d like to say thank you to all our Icinga friends: You have no idea how your mailing list and forum posts; tweets and likes; feature and patch submissions have helped make Icinga what it is today.

4 Years On and Still Going Strong

Icinga turns four today, surpassing the 300,000th download while preparing for a celebration release and second technology preview soon to come.
This past year has been marked by the launch of the Icinga 2 development branch, our Nagios core rewrite and replacement framework. Meanwhile we’re still making headway on the Icinga 1.x branch; we’ve continued to improve performance the core, made packaging it easier and enabled notifications to be deactivated with expiry program-wide. Classic UI has received date picker, pagination and regex-based search functions, while Icinga Web a new credentials model, events in grid views and global master configuration cronk. Alongside a bunch of new reports, Icinga Reporting got a facelift, as did Icinga Docs.
All this development has been captured in both our git.icinga.com and on Ohloh. Though what speaks most is the continued growth in our user community. The Icinga Users is nearing 100 and boasts ever-larger environments such as the > 40,000+ services at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider experiments.
While we look back, we too look ahead. As we head into our 5th year we have Icinga 1.9 and 1.10 releases planned on top of an Icinga 2 release candidate to come at the OSMC; ideally complimented with swift packaging and testing (helpers welcome).
We hope to forge ahead with your continued support on the mailing lists, forum, dev tracker, wiki and social channels. Cheers to all Icinga fans and friends – four years on and we’re still going strong!

3 years old & 100,000 downloads!

Icinga turns 3 years old today and what better birthday surprise could there be, than to hit the 100,000th download mark!
In this past year we’ve bid farewell to the Icinga API, replacing the database API with a Doctrine abstraction layer. Classic UI got a tactical overview header while Icinga Web an pre-installed reporting cronk and optional SLA extension for greater reporting precision. This was a small triumph of ours, in response to the old grumble in the community to better use data written to the database.
On the side, we’ve also added a build/package server for Debian and Ubuntu users as well as source snapshots for testers, even refurbished the website and added a merchandise shop.
Behind all this, our team has added a few extra faces from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Slovenia. They include the first graduates from this year’s Icinga Padawan program, who have extended our Icinga Virtual Appliances to Debian, OpenSUSE and CentOS as well as open our official Freenode IRC group.
Alongside these developments we have seen the number of self-proclaimed Icinga Users double in just this last year. Organisations range in industry and size, from universities and healthcare providers to automotive and construction; large retailers the likes of Müller and European governmental agencies.
The last three years have been an amazing accomplishment for us and was only possible with the support of our Icinga friends. For every mailing list and forum support post, wiki entry, bug report and feature request, translation and tweet – we say thank you!

3 Years in a Clip

In celebration, Core developer Michael F has created a couple of Gource clips for you to see our last 3 years of development:

Icinga Core


Icinga Web


Icinga Docs


Icinga Reporting

For those wondering how he did it – see Michael’s wiki guide on using Gource.

Happy 2nd Birthday Icinga!

Icinga is 2 years old today. We celebrate a massive year of development progress, community involvement and growth. Just a year ago we were releasing separate versions of Core, API and Web. Since then we have unified Icinga and now stand at version 1.3.1. This includes dual IPv6 / IPv4 support, optimized database connectivity and a new look web interface. Two years down the track and Icinga is now stable, with integrated addons such as PNP, LConf, Heatmap and Business Process Addon. The project itself has extended to include Icinga Mobile and Icinga Reporting components. No wonder that we’ve surpassed 70,000 downloads in our 730 days.
On the side we have released a virtual appliance for easy installation and upgraded our wiki to Confluence. But new ideas and extensions haven’t only come from us. Kepicz shared his Icinga Chromed Status for Google Chrome, Karl Fischer IcingaDroid for Android phones, and Igor Drobot his Icinga traffic light.
Most exciting in the last 2 years was the chance to watch not only our team grow to 23 members but also the number of Icinga Users proudly announcing their use of Icinga. From monitoring the currents off the Australian coastline to Holland’s largest social networking platform Hyves.nl, a network of public schools in America and an Austrian telecommunications network, Icinga has come a long way.
So on our birthday, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to all our Icinga friends and fans – thanks for your feedback, translations, wiki entries, tweets, and support!

Happy Birthday Icinga and THANK YOU ALL!

Today Icinga celebrates its first birthday. One year ago, Nagios was forked and Icinga was publicly announced. We were so excited. It may not sound like a big thing, but for us it was a big step and what happened in this last 365 days was huge and proved us right.
First of all, Icinga today is much more than just a Nagios fork. It has become an innovative and vivid open source project, with all its ups and downs. Lots of people joined the team and are trying to make Icinga a better monitoring tool and now it is time to thank everyone who helped, even if it was only a small contribution. Thanks for showing love for Icinga…you are awesome!
Another cool thing: we were able to stick almost 100% to our roadmap. All releases were ready for download on the promised day and it looks like we are even a couple of days ahead with our plans for the next release. Lots of new features have been developed: modifications to the core, support for Oracle and PostgreSQL, a brand new webinterface that has multiple languages provided by the community. Supportwise, we implemented a living bug tracking, a feedback system and created even our first webcast! And it was fun!:-)
All of this wouldn´t be possible without the great Icinga team. Right now, we are 16 active members from all over the world: from Australia to Austria and from Germany to South Africa. As the software progresses, so does the team. Everyone is welcome and we want you to be Icinga.
As we see more and more positive blogposts, tweets and case studies, we are very encouraged to carry on. Let’s celebrate a happy Icinga birthday.