uNagi Icinga Client for Android

Coming up to the holiday season, the best way to keep on top of your network while tending to the turkey is with an Icinga client for your smart phone. Among the Android apps, we’ve had a look at aNag, TiNag, IcingaDroid and now uNagi is up.
Icinga-compatible as of v1.3.0, uNagi stands out for its optional, controller and notifier plugins for use with Locale and Tasker. These keep the application free from extra permissions and add to its reliability and security. Its -sts- user interface supports ssh connections, as well as PNP4Nagios and NagiosGrapher charts with zooming capabilities to boot.
All the usual host/service commands can be accessed in a way familiar to most browser-based UIs, such as acknowledgement, comments, scheduling downtime, obsession, passive checks, etc. Additional features include status and text filters, shell control – start, silent-start, stop; instant error reports and tactical overview widgets for the home screen.

We got in touch with Reka Balogh, the developer behind uNagi, for whom the Android project has become a new hobby and learning opportunity. It all started when her husband bugged her to design an Android app that would exploit touchscreen capabilities better and allow notifications to be customised by end users, not just administrators.
At the moment she’s running three major development branches to create a pack of plugins that will handle user end PHP versions of Icinga, Nagios, op5, Centreon, Opsview, etc; support public keys over https connections; and app skins for future releases.
Though she’s clearly got a lot ahead of her, Reka still welcomes user suggestions (and contributions) at: http://unagi.rekaszeru.ro/
But first, give uNagi a go – download it off Google Play and enjoy the festivities away from the computer.

Icinga on Android Thanks to aNag

A while ago, we introduced IcingaDroid as an Icinga app for Android devices. Most recently our attention has been brought to another cool Icinga compatible app – aNag.
Essentially a monitor that keeps an eye on your servers and notifies you of important changes, aNag stands out for its ability to handle multiple instances. It is also pretty nifty for its PNP4Nagios and ConnectBot integration. Other features include flexible notification options (via top bar, vibration, tone) to vary with severity, pattern based filters,  background auto-refresh and more.
Not bad for a guy who confesses to be a first-time Java coder. From switching from Apple devices at the start of July to releasing aNag within the same month, Damien Degois spent many a coffee over Android SDK and Eclipse. Since then, aNag looks to have become one of the more popular apps for Icinga and Nagios.

aNag is available for free on the Android Market and elsewhere. For more information and to get in touch with Damien, visit the aNag website  – he’s always happy to receive feedback towards improving aNag.
Thanks for all the good work Damien!