Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

After a pretty awesome but also exhausting year full of Icinga 2 & Icinga Web 2 we’re looking forward to some of course silent Christmas holidays 🙂
icinga_org_wishes_for_2015Last year we asked you what you want to see in Icinga in 2015 – and we have to admit, announcing Icinga Director as config tool for Icinga 2 at OSMC, we’re pretty close in providing the most demanded one soon. You can follow the progress on the Git repository and the Redmine project. And of course, test it and provide feedback. We’re planning to have the first release with us at Icinga Camp Berlin on March 1st 2016, so keep your fingers crossed!
A Graphite Module for Icinga Web 2 is still in the early phasis, first things come first – releasing Icinga Web 2 in its first stable release, and a few months later, v2.1.0 already paving the way for the module api. There are also other Icinga Web 2 modules in development:

  • PNP for graph integration (this has been renamed from the previous one called “PNP4Nagios”)
  • Business Process
  • Generic TTS for ticket system integration
  • NagVis for map integration

You can test-drive their integration inside the Vagrant box, ready for your Christmas holidays. We plan to release after the holiday season, fixing the last bugs and also providing documentation.
While the Icinga 2 API was not the top-voted wish for 2015, we still just did it. A comprehensive core API with object creation/modification at runtime, access to all object attributes, advanced filters and secured access with SSL only. The Vagrant box also provides Dashing fully integrated using the Icinga 2 API. Go for your own projects during the holiday season and show it to the community in January, making the new year even more awesome 🙂
2015 was not only releases and features – we announced “Icinga Partners & Services” offering professional services to many of you asking for it, and we also have our own Icinga shop offering Icinga swag – if you like it you should put a sticker on it!
Icinga received a Bossie Award, Bernd was interviewed by FLOSS Weekly and we created our icinga2 Docker container. We were also travelling a lot in 2015 – Icinga Camp Barcelona, Antwerp, Kuala Lumpur & Portland and other events. We are looking forward to meet you in 2016 again, perhaps San Francisco or Berlin 🙂 Last but not least – Icinga turned 6 years in May and we welcome lots of new team members.
Icinga Web 2.1.1, which was released today, has a little present for you inside the git repository, packages and Vagrant boxes: A Christmas theme 🙂 (thanks Eric & Tom!)

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Now everyone:
I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

Bossie Award 2015: Icinga 2

IDG’s InfoWorld announced the 2015 Best of Open Source Software Awards – and Icinga 2 (and Icinga Web 2) wins our first Bossie in the category “Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source networking and security software”! 🙂

Read their nice review below:

Icinga began life as a fork of system monitoring application Nagios. Icinga 2 was completely rewritten to give users a modern interface, support for multiple databases, and an API to integrate numerous extensions. With out-of-the-box load balancing, notifications, and configuration, Icinga 2 shortens the time to installation for complex environments. Icinga 2 supports Graphite natively, giving administrators real-time performance graphing without any fuss. But what puts Icinga back on the radar this year is its release of Icinga Web 2, a graphical front end with drag-and-drop customizable dashboards and streamlined monitoring tools.
Administrators can view, filter, and prioritize problems, while keeping track of which actions have already been taken. A new matrix view lets administrators view hosts and services on one page. You can view events over a particular time period or filter incidents to understand which ones need immediate attention. Icinga Web 2 may boast a new interface and zippier performance, but all the usual commands from Icinga Classic and Icinga Web are still available. That means there is no downtime trying to learn a new version of the tool.
— Fahmida Rashid

Have your own awesome story on Icinga 2? Share them with us.

Speaking at 10th OSMC – are you?

osmc_speaker_2_500x460It’s an untold rumor that team Icinga is joining each year‘s Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) from the very beginning in late 2009. Now OSMC is celebrating their 10th year of glory from 16.-19.11.2015. The 3rd day was announced to be a hackathon where some of team Icinga will join to work on cool stuff in Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and modules – more time to connect and discuss, awesome 🙂
The call for papers is still running, and as we know that our community loves Icinga 2 and most recently Icinga Web 2, are you ready to share your story on Icinga at OSMC?

  • Be it a whole new setup, its challenges in installation, configuration and alerting …
  • or a difficult brainf*ck to sort the migration from Nagios/Icinga 1 – that should certainly make it into an one hour talk 🙂
  • Any chance you are using the Puppet, Ansible, Chef modules for automated deployment with Icinga 2, and want to shed some light into practical examples?
  • Are you using a clustered environment with Graphite, Logstash, InfluxDB or are you already going the Docker containerized way?
  • Going strong with plugin development best practices, sharing them all the way through Icinga Exchange?
  • Any different visualization challenges, e.g. Dashing integration and your NOC dashboards by example?
  • … your very own experience 🙂

Go for it – we love to see how our community uses Icinga and catch up with you: OSMC Call for Papers.
As for ourselves, we will join you with news and updates on Icinga 2 v2.4 – or, like Bernd says: Apification. More on Icinga Web 2 and its steps towards a final release, more on Icinga Web 2 modules and keep your fingers crossed for an all new configuration UI for Icinga 2. Well, and certainly more stuff we always come up with.
See you in Nuremberg! Or – any time sooner, submit your talk for Icinga Camp Portland at Puppetlabs 🙂

Join us at FOSDEM & CfgMgmtCamp 2015

fosdem_2015_logoLong time no see … or how Kris convinced Bernd to make Icinga @ FOSDEM happen at last.
Join Markus, Bernd & me (and Dirk, a fellow co-worker at NETWAYS) on this years FOSDEM 2015! We’ll be around to talk/hack/demo/do Icinga – Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and whatever comes to mind. And a lightning talk even.
cfgmgmtcamp_logoOur journey does not end in Brussels – CfgMgmtCamp 2015 in Gent right after FOSDEM is sponsored by Icinga. Guess who’s there joining the conversation 😉
Next to upcoming features in Icinga 2 v2.3, both FOSDEM and CfgMgmtCampt are a nice place to talk about Icinga and tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Saltstack, etc. – just keep an eye on tall guys from the Icinga team, and say hello 🙂
Poke @icinga on twitter for a spontaneous meetup during the events. See you in Belgium!

Icinga Camp Barcelona 2015

IcingaTime flies by and great things are coming up next year. After our first Icinga Camp San Francisco at GitHub, we would like to move forward in Europe. We found some friends from Insomer Webservices in Barcelona and cause of them and their help next Icinga Camp will be there.
Our next Camp will be at 27th of February next year in lovely Barcelona city center. We’ll start late into the day at around 3pm and we’ll have a long monitoring evening with free drinks after the official schedule.
Icinga Camps are one-day, regional events that feature talks by the Icinga team and community, as well as giving  users time connect with other users.
Here are all necessary informations:

  • 27th of February 2015 – 3pm start


  • We would like you to share your experiences and ideas for Icinga, tell us about it. Give a talk

And now

  • The only thing you have to do now is fill out the registration form. Yes, it is that easy. Register now

Rda Guinardó, 113-141
08041 Barcelona
Read more

A big thank you to Insomer, especially Ana Cerezuela and Jorge Rancé, for helping us organising Icinga Camp Barcelona.
So don’t waste no time, register now and meet us in Spain next year!