Icinga at the Monitoring Workshop 2014 in Berlin

You would have thought that we’d just stay in the German capital, with Linux Tag and now the Monitoring Workshop within a week of one another. What can we say? We like team road trips.
This time round, we were part of a cosy, workshop dedicated to open source monitoring and nothing else. Organised by the community at www.monitoring-portal.org, the workshop was a great opportunity to see old friends and talk monitoring – serious monitoring.
We were first on the agenda with Icinga 2, and given the discerning audience decided to present as a team. I gave a run down of our latest developments and Michael gave a live demo of the most recent cluster work. Feedback was great, with many in the audience asking for detailed scenarios with the new apply syntax.

As always, the program (German) offered practical insights into monitoring in real-life. Case studies included Icinga at the City of Wuppertal and two-part presentation on distributed Icinga monitoring in an MS environment with the help of Powershell and Mod_Gearman. Both gave a nice in-depth look at challenges faced and overcome.
All in all, the Monitoring Workshop was two days well spent. Good talks, good people, good discussion. Thanks to the organising team at the Monitoring-Portal for a solid event.

Icinga at Linux Tag 2014 in Berlin

Update: Fixed the slides link, sorry guys!
We’re back from Linux Tag 2014, after a massive three days and 200+ presentations on Linux and all things open source.
In light of the recent NSA snooping and Heartbleed hubbub, this year’s focus was IT security. So, it seemed only natural that we’d join with a talk on monitoring and Icinga.
Check out our slides (English) and the streaming archive (German) to get a quick update on our developments in both Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.
But we weren’t the only ones spreading the Icinga goodwill. Just after my presentation, author of the Nagios/Icinga Cookbook, Ralf C. Staudemeyer gave his talk on Network Security Monitoring with Icinga (English).
In fact monitoring and logging had its own track, with speeches on SNMP monitoring, log and event management (alongside ours) filling the Friday.
We had a great time listening to the varied open source talks, talking to open source people and of course sharing ideas over a few beers. We hope to make it to the next one.