Icinga 2 Bugfix Release 2.0.1

Download_Icinga2.0.1Thanks for the overwhelming response & feedback on our first 2.0.0 release 🙂 We’ve been working on resolving remaining issues, and are now happy to announce the first bugfix release for Icinga 2.
2.0.1 contains plenty of bugfixes and some additional plugin check command configuration. Check the Changelog for detailed information.
The release is tagged on Github and package updates are available soon. If you encounter any bugs, or need help, please check the community support channels. In the next days we’ll update the roadmap for 2.0.x (bugfix releases) and 2.1.x (next feature branch).

  • Bug #6316: application fails to start on wrong log file permissions but does not tell about it
  • Bug #6368: Deadlock in ApiListener::RelayMessage
  • Bug #6373: base64 on CentOS 5 fails to read certificate bundles
  • Bug #6388: Debian package icinga2-classicui needs versioned dependency of icinga-cgi*
  • Bug #6488: build warnings
  • Bug #6492: icinga2.state could not be opened
  • Bug #6493: Copyright problems
  • Bug #6498: icinga2 cannot be built with both systemd and init.d files
  • Bug #6510: Reminder notifications are sent on disabled services
  • Bug #6526: htpasswd should be installed with icinga2-classicui on Ubuntu
  • Bug #6529: parsing of double defined command can generate unexpected errors
  • Bug #6537: Icinga doesn’t send SetLogPosition messages when one of the endpoints fails to connect
  • Bug #6551: Improve systemd service definition
  • Bug #6565: Dependencies should cache their parent and child object
  • Bug #6574: Check command result doesn’t match
  • Bug #6576: Remove line number information from stack traces
  • Bug #6588: Notifications causing segfault from exim
  • Bug #6605: Please add –sni option to http check command
  • Bug #6612: Icinga stops updating IDO after a while
  • Bug #6617: TLS connections are still unstable
  • Bug #6620: icinga2-build-ca shouldn’t prompt for DN
  • Bug #6622: icinga2-sign-key creates “.crt” and “.key” files when the CA passphrase is invalid
  • Bug #6657: ICINGA2_SYSCONFIGFILE should use full path using CMAKE_INSTALL_FULL_SYSCONFDIR
  • Bug #6662: Increase icinga.cmd Limit
  • Bug #6665: Build fails when MySQL is not installed
  • Bug #6671: enabled_notification doesn’t work as expected
  • Bug #6672: Icinga crashes after “Too many queued messages”
  • Bug #6673: enable_notifications = false for users has no effect
  • Feature #6531: Add port option to check imap/pop/smtp and a new dig
  • Feature #6581: Add more options to snmp check
  • DB IDO – Bug #5577: PostgreSQL string escaping
  • DB IDO – Bug #6577: icinga2-ido-pgsql snapshot package missing dependecy dbconfig-common
  • Documentation – Bug #6506: Array section confusing
  • Documentation – Bug #6592: Documentation for || and && is missing
  • Documentation – Feature #6658: change docs.icinga.com/icinga2/latest to git master
  • Livestatus – Bug #6494: Thruk Panorama View cannot query Host Status
  • Livestatus – Feature #5312: OutputFormat python
  • Migration – Bug #6559: $SERVICEDESC$ isn’t getting converted correctly