Icinga Web 1.6.1 Released

As the core team released 1.6.1, so do we. Download Icinga Web 1.6.1 on Sourceforge now. This release fixes many database related issues and in particular, resolves a authorisation dispatcher bug that hindered the import user function – cheers to user gpduck for the patch!
We also managed to slip in a new feature that should make many AD and LDAP users happy: Groups can now inherit attributes bottom-up, as well as top-down.

  • JS fixes
  • Fixes for counts in views #2192 #2164
  • Translation fixes #2163 #2148
  • UI fixes #2162
  • Database fixes for oracle
  • Doctrine DB manager connection fixes
  • Doctrine count queries
  • Performance for TO’s and permission data
  • Portal cronk JS only cronk
  • Group manager inheritance tree and selection fix
  • Empty field fixes (removed caching)
  • Auth dispatcher fix #2142
  • Doctrine connection based prefix bug fix
  • Oracle error prone order statements


  • Choice of group inheritance model #2188

Thanks to all who have reported bugs and patches, we appreciate your patience in the lead up to this release. Please keep in touch on the development tracker if any more issues arise and hop onto our user mailing list, IRC channel or the Icinga-Portal.org for help.

Icinga Core 1.6.1 quickfix

Icinga Core 1.6.0 introduced a change on the freshness checks for passive check result and actually this lead into an unwanted bug as well as behaviour. Sorry for the inconvenience this caused for those actually having upgraded and experienced that bug. Thanks to Jörg Linge for finding the bug and all the others reporting feedback and testing the proposed fix!
Further analysis and thoughts are put into #2136, feel free to add yours too. And remember – we do need more (beta) testers to prevent such bugs in the first place! Drop us a line if you can share a test platform 🙂
Icinga 1.6.1 tarball is now available for download. Packagers are already informed and will release their updates soon.