Icinga 1.5 Beta Released – Test Now!

As promised, Icinga 1.5 Beta is now available for you to download off Sourceforge and test. So what are the exciting new things for you experiment with and pay special attention to?
API: The database API no longer exists and has been replaced with Doctrine.
New Web: Icinga Reporting is now a fully integrated Cronk, delivered with this release.
Core & Classic UI: Performance tuning and enhancements to existing features – best to view our running change log/road map for the specifics.
Also, there are a few changes of special note for packagers to heed.
We hope you like the new features, and as this is a Beta release – please share any bugs you find on our development tracker https://dev.icinga.com.
More details on how to do this can be found in our wiki article ‘Icinga Pre Release Testing’ and in our FAQ.
Your feedback will ensure that Icinga 1.5 is as bug-free as possible in 14 days time. Thank you in advance!

Icinga wants you…to test!

IMPORTANT NOTE (11.8.2011): Due to extra tests being undertaken by the team, Icinga 1.5 Beta will be released on Friday instead.
On Thursday, the Icinga team will set Icinga 1.5 Beta free. This will mark a new era in our release cycle, where we will offer users a chance to test a beta version before each official release.
As no open source project can catch all issues in all environments on their own, we welcome your feedback to make Icinga better with each release.
What’s more, the process is simple. In two days time, be sure to download Icinga 1.5 Beta, take a peek into the new features, and have a play. If you pick up a bug, drop us a note on our development tracker at https://dev.icinga.com.
For those new to the process take a look at our little ‘report-a-bug’ guide.
For more what, when, where, why and how: See Michael F’s wiki post ‘Icinga Pre Release Testing’ for more details.
See you Thursday!