Icinga Web Sneak Preview

The stable icinga-web release is just around the corner. We present some new features:

  • Pending states: shows a special status for checks that have not yet been executed
  • Better logging, stricter errors: More about what icinga-web is doing, catch strict errors
  • Site configuration: Place your custom configuration into site xml files which are not overwritten
  • Comments for hosts and services seamlessly integrated
  • PNP4Nagios: integrated on the fly if you want
  • Search for objects performs excellently!
  • Device icons from the icinga configuration

Stay tuned for more and see you soon at the OSMC!

Icinga 1.2 Classic UI Updates

As our new release gets closer we would like to give you a little sneak preview of our upcoming features for the Classic UI.
The most obvious changes are:

  • tooltips for comments in status.cgi – you don’t have to open the host/service anymore to see the comments, just move your mouse over. Nice idea Ricardo 🙂
  • multiple delete of comments and downtimes – now you can tick the items you want to delete and click the delete button – just like multiple commands support in status.cgi. Well done Rune&Ricardo!
  • csv export on pretty much every page – you can now export various lists and status data directly. There is a small “Export to CSV” link bringing up a page with the current content in csv format. Adding two new config options where you can decide which characters are used for output format completes this nifty enhancement – great job Ricardo!
  • commands expander for config display. This will help at $ARGn$ substitution and showing the exact command line the core will attempt to execute. Long awaited feature, big thanks to Jochen Bern!
  • combined fixes including a slightly modified menu, adding unhandled host/service problems, javascript library updates, fixed segfaults on Solaris in status.cgi without query_string and also complete drop of php as dependency for the classic ui.

We hope you like the enhancement & fixes for Icinga Classic UI 1.2 – please help us test for the upcoming release! 🙂