Icinga Web 1.10.1 bug fix release

Today we are releasing a bug fix version 1.10.1 for the current Icinga Web branch.
We fixed some smaller, but still bothersome bugs. Please be sure to check our changelog and do not forget to update your database schema!
Icinga Web 1.10.1 is available for download on GitHub – package updates for your distribution should be available soon.
Please keep in touch by using the support channels and report bugs and/or feature requests to our development tracker.

  • Makefile fixes for some versions (#4956 #4955)
  • Fixed non-working command API (#5013 #5465)
  • Disabled verbose logging of database queries (#5014)
  • Use system timezone in command forms (#4983)
  • Add backward compatibility for renamed function customColumnPerfdataSanatized (#5065)
  • Open Problems: Fix host status column’s width (#4944)
  • Allow “.” in Cronk URLs (#5289)
  • RPM spec file fixes (#5426 #5094)
  • Hide inactive objects from the views (#5646)
  • Cleaning up non-breaking space UTF-8 character throughout the code (#4965 #4966)
  • Added unique index to nsm_session for indexing the really used session_id (#5668)
  • Fixed auth_key authentication problems due to lowercase on PgSQL (#5678)

Icinga 1.10 released!

Download_Icinga1.10Icinga 1.10 is out now to download! This release is filled with usability enhancements in both Classic and Web interfaces, plus performance boosters in Core and IDOUtils.


Icinga Web v1.10 requires IDOUtils from Icinga Core v1.10 due to schema changes in host and service status tables.


Classic UI users can now enjoy clickable filters, the ability to set partial service groups, view custom variables info in the host and status details, and best of all – search with the convenience of regular expressions and see color-coded host, service and host/service group results magically appear as they type.
Icinga Web users can play with a new expand/collapse style menu organised in new categories, send off commands to delete all comments and disable all notifications of multiple instances with expiry. Most importantly, various new ‘problems’ cronk views with color-coded hard and soft state types are also now available (thanks to David Mikulski!).
Finally in the Core and IDOUtils, users in large environments can now add multiple IDO modules and make the most of performance improvements through options to disable status updates on custom variables and trim tables automatically for downtime history.
So, we welcome you to download Icinga 1.10 and give us your feedback. We pay our dues to all those who submitted patches, reported bugs and shared feature ideas – thank you and please continue!



  • Allow exclude (!) to work for regexp matches as well #3720
  • Added check source to checkresult/status data #4709
  • Multiple idomod modules: only first gets data from registered call back functions #4199
  • Added manpages from debian upstream #4055
  • Added vim highlight script for Icinga syntax #4150

Classic UI

  • Added display filter modification for status.cgi #852
  • Added live search #1657
  • Show custom variables in extended info #4390
  • Allow to exclude custom variable name/value based on pattern #4390
  • Added option for partial servicegroups #2740
  • Show check source in extinfo #4709


  • Added a table trimming option for ‘downtime history’ #3989
  • Allow to disable custom variable status updates with Dump_customvar_status=0|1 in idomod.cfg #4479
  • Added object_id (host, service) to log entries status updates/state changes #4754
  • Removed SLA history, timed events functionality #4363 #4482

For the full change log see: Core change log

  • Menu categories split and layout changed #4807 #4691
  • All problem Cronks for hosts, services and split view #4167
  • Instance Cronk made more useful and disable all notifications #3956 #3888
  • All comments of a host or service can now be deleted by a command #2636
  • All “Problems” Cronks now have the state type available #3529

For the full change log see: Web change log

v1.10 Feature Preview: New Classic UI Filters

Icinga Classic UI users brace yourselves: clickable custom filters are on their way. If you really prefer to filter via URL, you are welcome to continue to do so, but the less swift of hand can look forward to:


Simply click on “Set Filters” and a pop up window with a range of options will appear. Click away and apply, to have your hosts or services filtered as you please.
From seeing which services are currently in WARNING or UNHANDLED states, to seeing which of them have notifications enabled or are flapping, the new filter ought to make Classic UI just that bit more intuitive and enjoyable to use.
Cheers to stku for the (longstanding) feature request, and my girlfriend for bearing with me while I cursed away at my computer upon discovering an annoying mistake in the source code. The curious will find my rants in the code on git.
We hope you look forward to Icinga 1.10 coming in 50 days as much as we do.