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Core Products

Icinga 2 Docsv2.13.2 Changelog
Icinga Web 2 Docsv2.9.5 Changelog
Icinga DB Docsv1.0.0-rc2 Changelog
Icinga Director Docsv1.8.1 Changelog


Icinga for Windows Docsv1.7.1 Changelog
Icinga Reporting Docsv0.9.2 Changelog
Icinga Business Process Modelling Docsv2.3.1 Changelog
Icinga Certificate Monitoring Docsv1.0.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for vSphere® Docsv1.2.1 Changelog
Icinga Module for JIRA Docsv1.1.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for Graphite Docsv1.1.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for Elasticsearch Docsv0.9.0 Changelog
Icingabeat Docsv7.14.2 Changelog

Icinga Live Demo

We have several modules installed that will give you an idea about how Icinga feels in a production environment. The demo system gets automatically set to default every now and then, so don’t use it for your production environment.

Upcoming Trainings

30.11.20213 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
01.12.20212 DaysIcinga Director WorkshopNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
07.12.20214 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsOnline ClassGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
30.11.2021Icinga 2 AdvancedRegister
01.12.2021Icinga Director WorkshopRegister
07.12.2021Icinga 2 FundamentalsRegister

Latest How-tos from the Blog

How to monitor your first Host with Icinga Director

How to monitor your first Host with Icinga Director

Creating a new Host within the Icinga 2 configuration files is fairly easy. Basically you only have add an object of the type "Host" to a config file and reload Icinga 2. Doing the same with Icinga Director is even easier, you don't even have to bother with terminal...

Keeping up with Icinga Web Permissions and Restrictions

Keeping up with Icinga Web Permissions and Restrictions

This blogpost is a followup to the blogpost Icinga Web permissions and restrictions (how do they work, examples). In Icinga web 2 version 2.9, there are two cool updates to Permissions and Restrictions, namely Role Inheritance and Permission Refusal as explained by...

Monitor Windows without an Icinga Agent

Monitor Windows without an Icinga Agent

Looking to monitor your Windows systems with Icinga, but aren't allowed to install non-Microsoft certified software on them? Then you are in the right place. After all, you want to monitor your systems somehow. But you don't want to lose the support from MS...

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