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Core Products

Icinga 2 Docsv2.12.4 Changelog
Icinga Web 2 Docsv2.8.2 Changelog
Icinga DB Docsv1.0.0-rc1 Changelog
Icinga Director Docsv1.8.0 Changelog


Icinga for Windows Docsv1.5.0 Changelog
Icinga Reporting Docsv0.9.2 Changelog
Icinga Business Process Modelling Docsv2.3.0 Changelog
Icinga Certificate Monitoring Docsv1.0.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for vSphere® Docsv1.1.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for JIRA Docsv1.1.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for Graphite Docsv1.1.0 Changelog
Icinga Module for Elasticsearch Docsv0.9.0 Changelog
Icingabeat Docsv7.5.2 Changelog

Icinga Live Demo

We have several modules installed that will give you an idea about how Icinga feels in a production environment. The demo system gets automatically set to default every now and then, so don’t use it for your production environment.

Upcoming Trainings

20.04.20213 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedOnline ClassGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
18.05.20214 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsOnline ClassGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
06.07.20213 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedOnline ClassGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
06.07.20212 DaysIcinga Director WorkshopNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
27.07.20214 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsOnline ClassGermany🇬🇧NETWAYS GmbHRegister
21.09.20214 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
30.11.20213 DaysIcinga 2 AdvancedNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
01.12.20212 DaysIcinga Director WorkshopNurembergGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
14.12.20214 DaysIcinga 2 FundamentalsOnline ClassGermany🇩🇪NETWAYS GmbHRegister
20.04.2021Icinga 2 AdvancedRegister
18.05.2021Icinga 2 FundamentalsRegister
06.07.2021Icinga 2 AdvancedRegister
06.07.2021Icinga Director WorkshopRegister
27.07.2021Icinga 2 FundamentalsRegister
21.09.2021Icinga 2 FundamentalsRegister
30.11.2021Icinga 2 AdvancedRegister
01.12.2021Icinga Director WorkshopRegister
14.12.2021Icinga 2 FundamentalsRegister

Latest How-tos from the Blog

Debugging Filters and Apply Rules using the Script Debugger

Debugging Filters and Apply Rules using the Script Debugger

Have you ever been in a situation where something in your Icinga configuration did not work as expected and you ended up doing small changes and reloading Icinga over and over again? This can be especially tricky with apply rules and filters if they don't match the...

Using the Icinga Web API

Using the Icinga Web API

Unfortunately, there is little to no documentation for using the Icinga Web API to perform monitoring actions such as scheduling downtimes. But it's a simple thing and I'll give you a quick example of how to do it. Using the Icinga Web API instead of the Icinga API...

Docker: You’ve got mail!

Docker: You’ve got mail!

So far we’ve chosen base images for our Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and Icinga DB Docker images, further reduced the image size and even taken care for security and comfort. Additionally Eric put all the images together via Docker Compose. But there’s still one little...

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