Icinga Meetups

Meetups are local, community driven meetings happening in various locations around the world. Join existing groups or start your own!

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Start an Icinga Meetup Group

We see our community as family and Icinga meetups are our family reunions. If you are interested in creating an Icinga Meetup Group and organize events, we’d love to hear from you.

We support meetups in many ways and want you to be part of our growing community. We’ve written down some general guidelines and benefits for our meetup organizers, get in touch with us for any further assistance.


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    Dive into Icinga

    Everyday we do our best to make your experience with Icinga as good as possible.
    Learn about Icinga and its capabilities to inspect your entire infrastructure.

    Best Practices

    • Create a Meetup Group on meetup.com
    • Get in touch with us, our team can help you promote and organize the event
    • Research local companies, co-working spaces or universities willing to host an event
    • Make sure the venue has the correct resources (projector, etc.) and is appropriate for the audience
    • Find a suitable date and time that doesn’t compete with other events
    • Meetups usually take place afterwork
    • One talk should not be much longer than 30 minutes, plan enough time for discussions and sozializing
    • Invite local companies, organizations and your local peer group
    • Promote the event on social media

    We Support your Efforts

    • We send you some SWAG (t-shirts, stickers, etc.)
    • We promote every meetup in our newsletter, blog, social media etc.
    • We help you get speakers from Icinga partners and community members
    • We prepare information for you about the latest and future development of Icinga products
    • We help you with organizational issues

    Benefits of being an Icinga Meetup Organizer

    We appreciate the effort our meetup organizers take and want to express our gratitude. As an Icinga meetup organizer you will get a special Icinga present for free. Regular organizers receive discounted or free tickets to an Icinga Camp.

    Speak at a Meetup

    Our Meetup Groups are always looking for new and interesting talks. The topics vary from best practices, fascinating setups to deep technical expeditions. If you are interested in speaking at a meetup, contact us.

    Host a Meetup

    We are always looking for new places to host meetups. If you are a company, co-working space, university or just have enough space and want to host a meetup, contact us.