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Checks whether a firewall module is enabled or not

Invoke-IcingaCheckFirewall returns either ‘OK’ or ‘CRITICAL’, whether the check matches or not.

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Argument Type Required Default Description
Profile Array false Used to specify an array of profiles to check. Available profiles are ‘Domain’, ‘Public’, ‘Private’
Enabled SwitchParameter false False Used to specify whether the firewall profiles should be enabled or disabled. -Enabled $TRUE translates to enabled, while not being specified translates to disabled.
NoPerfData SwitchParameter false False
Verbosity Int32 false 0


Example Command 1

Invoke-IcingaCheckFirewall -Profile "Domain" -Verbosity 3

Example Output 1

[OK] Check package "Firewall profiles" (Match All)\_ [OK] Firewall Profile Domain is True| 'firewall_profile_domain'=True;;

Example Command 2

Invoke-IcingaCheckFirewall -Profile "Domain", "Private" -Verbosity 1}

Example Output 2

[OK] Check package "Firewall profiles" (Match All)| 'firewall_profile_domain'=True;; 'firewall_profile_private'=True;;