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Installing the Icinga PowerShell Framework

Installing the Icinga PowerShell Framework is managed by different ways, depending on the user environment including available possibitilies


Testing the installation

Once the Icinga PowerShell Framework is installed you can try if the installation was successfully by using the command


This command will initialise the entire Icinga PowerShell Framework and load all available Cmdlets.

Whenever you intend to use specific Cmdlets of the framework for Icinga Plugins, Testing or configuration you will require to run this command for each new PowerShell instance to initialise the framework.

Service Installation

You can install a service which will allow you to run the PowerShell Framework as background daemon. This will add the possibility to register functions to run frequently for collecting data or execute different tasks on the system.

To install the service you can either follow the IcingaAgentInstallWizard or do it manually