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Run the PowerShell Framework as Windows Service


As PowerShell Scripts / Modules can not be installed directly as Windows Service, we will require a little assistance here.

In order to make this work, you will require the Icinga Windows Service which can be downloaded directly from the GitHub Repository.


Running the PowerShell Framework as background service will add the possibility to register certain functions which are executed depending on their configuration / coding. One example would be to frequently collect monitoring metrics from the installed plugins, allowing you to receive an average of time for the CPU load for example.

Install the Service

A detailed documentation on how to download and install the service and be found directly on the services installation guide.

Register Functions

As the service is now installed we can start to register daemons which are executed within an own thread within a PowerShell session. Depending on the registered function/module, additional configuration may be required.

Background Service Check

Once you registered the Daemon Start-IcingaServiceCheckDaemon with the register functions feature you will be able to register service checks which are frequently executed to collect metrics from plugins.