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  1. Database
  2. Redis
  3. Command Transports
  4. Security

Icinga DB Web utilizes the monitoring module’s configuration if applicable. This includes permissions and restrictions which are currently configured the same way as for the monitoring module.

Other monitoring module configurations used by Icinga DB Web include the command transports and security options.

Icinga DB Web’s own configuration options cover connection details to Icinga DB’s database and Redis instance(s).


If not already done during the installation of Icinga DB Web, setup the Icinga DB database backend now.

Create a new Icinga Web 2 resource for Icinga DB’s database using the Configuration -> Application -> Resources menu.

Then tell Icinga DB Web which database resource to use. This can be done in Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Database.

Redis PHP Support

To view the most recent state information in Icinga DB Web, make sure to configure the connection details to Icinga DB’s redis at Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Redis.

Command Transports

Command transports are used to perform actions on the Icinga master such as acknowledgements and scheduling downtimes. (amongst others)

These can be configured in Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Command Transports. The configuration is described here.


Custom variables that should be masked by Icinga DB Web can be configured in Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Security. More details about this can be found here.