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  1. Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Setup



Using Packages

We provide a package for supported platforms. Search for icingadb-web with your preferred package manager.

From Source

Please see Icinga Web 2’s documentation on how to install modules. Use icingadb as name.


  1. Log in with a privileged user in Icinga Web 2 and enable the module in Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb. Or use the icingacli and run icingacli module enable icingadb.

  2. Create a new Icinga Web 2 resource for Icinga DB’s database using the Configuration -> Application -> Resources menu.

  3. The next step involves telling the module which database resource to use. This can be done in Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Database. Choose the resource you’ve created just now.

  4. Finally head over to Configuration -> Modules -> icingadb -> Redis and define how the module should connect with Icinga DB’s Redis.

The full configuration is described in its own chapter.

If you previously had the monitoring module installed and configured, you might want to migrate some settings.

This concludes the installation. You should now be able to use Icinga DB Web.