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About Icinga DB Web

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Migration
  4. New Features
  5. Concepts

Icinga DB Web pushes your monitoring stack to the next level.

Based on the lessons learnt with the base monitoring module, it offers a modern and streamlined design to provide a clear and concise overview of your monitoring environment.


For installing Icinga DB Web please check the installation chapter.


To configure Icinga DB Web please check the configuration chapter.


To migrate from the monitoring module to Icinga DB Web check the migration chapter.

New Features

Multiple List Layouts

The new view switcher displayed in the controls of lists allows to change their layout. The majority of lists use this to switch between various levels of detail. The service list below for example uses it to show a check’s output at different lengths.

View Switcher Preview

New Search With Auto-Completion

We have greatly expanded the search functionality in list views. The so called search-bar allows experienced users full control by keyboard to write their filters. It also aids with contextual auto completion. There’s also an editor for a more easy manipulation.

Searchbar Completion Preview

Cleaner Detail Views

A host’s or service’s detail view has been restructured to show more details but also to make more use of the available space. Important details also got moved to the top so that they are visible right away without having to scroll down.

Service Detail Preview

Acknowledging a problem, scheduling a downtime or sending a custom notification does not take you away from where you’ve been. Instead a modal dialog is shown on top of your current view.

Modal Dialog Preview

Bulk Operations

If you ever wanted to perform really big bulk acknowledgements or downtime schedules, now is the time for it. Simply filter for the hosts or services you want to operate on and then click on the little forward icon on the right. No more shift-click nightmares! (Which are still possible, for the die-hard)

Continue With Preview


To learn more about our widget/view designs check the concepts chapter.