Releasing v2.0 of the Icinga Web 2 Puppet Module

It’s been a while since we have released a new version of our Icinga Web 2 Puppet module. Today we’re happy to announce v2.0 of this module, available on Puppet Forge. We reworked the whole module, with new mechanisms and features that make it easy to install and configure Icinga Web 2 and many of its modules. The new module enables you to configure every possible setting of Icinga Web 2 and is compatible with Puppet starting from version 4.7. Here’s a brief introduction with some examples: (more…)

Monthly Snap March: Icinga Camp, Partners, Trainings, Icingabeat, approved Puppet module

March was all about our lovely community. We’ve had Icinga Camp Berlin and San Francisco, and also joined FLOSSUK. You’ll also recognize that our Puppet module for Icinga 2 was officially approved by Puppet. Blerim released icingabeat and blogged about it at the Elastic blog. And many more things happened …
We’ve also thought about 1st of April, but hey – we have so many great things to share and work on, we’ll skip it for 2017 😉

Watch out – and shop!

Most of us use Icinga 2 to monitor network services, host resources or server components – but wait, there is more! Why not ask Icinga 2 to watch items in your favourite online shop and send out notifications as soon as the price has dropped below a certain amount? Antony Stone has written a slightly unusual check to track the price of Amazon items with Icinga 2. (more…)

Icinga Director released!

01_director_main_screenToday we are proud to announce our new web based configuration tool named Icinga Director. Developed as an Icinga Web 2 module it aims to be your new favourite config deployment tool for Icinga 2. And cause you already know Icinga Web 2, working with Icinga Director is a piece of cake. Even if you prefer plain text files and manual configuration, chances are good that Director will change your mind.
Empower your users
As an Icinga 2 pro you know all the knobs an tricks Icinga provides. However you are not willing to do the same work again and again. Director is here to make your life easier. Someone wants to add a new server, tweak some thresholds, adjust notifications? They shouldn’t need to bother you. No way, you might think. You do not trust your users, they might break things. Well… no. Not with Icinga Director. It provides an audit log that shows any single change. You can re-deploy old configurations at anytime. Invalid configurations will not be deployed. And you will be allowed to restrict what your users are allowed to do in a very granular way.
Infrastructure as Code
06_director_custom_fields_in_useDoing automation is self-evident for you? Want to feed your monitoring from your configuration management tool, or from your CMDB? You’ll love the endless possibilities Director provides. Based on multiple data providers Icinga Director offers powerful sync rules. Enrich your basic monitoring information with all required details and set the foundation for Icinga 2 powerful template logic. And cause Director know all about inheritance and object relation you will never loose track, even in really huge environments
02_director_applyFully integrated
We take care that installing Icinga Web 2 modules works smoothly. But Director is not only well integrated into Icinga Web 2. It uses the Icinga 2 API to talk to your monitoring system. It will help you to deploy your configuration, regardless of whether you are using a single node Icinga installation or a distributed setup with multiple masters and satellites. Using the Icinga 2 Agent? Perfect, the Director will make your life much easier!
Want to give it a try? Sure! Download Icinga Director from GitHub and install it based on the installation guide. Or happily fire “vagrant up” inside the Icinga 2 Vagrant box.
You will find Icinga Director on Icinga Exchange in the next couple of days as well. Team Icinga wishes you Happy Easter.