Icinga 2.8.3 released

Today we are releasing a new support version of Icinga 2.8, a small one to pass the time until 2.9. This release includes fixes for the InfluxDB and Elasticsearch features. Please note that Elasticsearch 6 support is coming with 2.9. In addition to the fixes we’ve added support for multiple check parameters for the check_nscp_api plugin and working sysconfig/defaults variables support, you’ll also find many documentation updates. For this release you don’t need to follow any special upgrade procedure, upgrading is safe.
Additional changes and details can be found in the changelog.
As always official packages are available on packages.icinga.com while community repositories might need a bit to catch up.
Update 2018-04-25 16:45 CEST: Users reported problems from a regression. We have therefore released v2.8.4.

Graphite module for Icinga Web 2 released

After weeks of development with a lot of brainpower being invested we have finally finished the first stable release of our Graphite integration into Icinga Web 2. The new features include a searchable graphs dashboard, multi-client capability and much more – read on.
Thanks to all contributors – AlexanderBlerimEricFlorianJohannesMarkusMichael and Thomas, you have done an awesome job!
Also many thanks to Deutsche Telekom for sponsoring the development! (more…)

Flapping in Icinga 2.8.0

The author viewing the code for the first time

Flapping detection is a feature many monitoring suites offer. It is mainly used to detect unfortunately chosen thresholds, but can also help in detecting network issues or similar. In most cases two thresholds are used, high and low. If the flapping value, which is the percentage of state changes over a set time, gets higher than the high threshold, it is considered flapping. It will then stay flapping until the value drops below the low threshold.

Web Developer Wanted

we_want_youFirst things first, Happy New Year from Icinga. Have you picked New Year’s resolutions? We did! Our Icinga Web 2 development team in Nuremberg is looking for a talented colleague who loves coding and is passionate about technology to join us. If you are talking PHP and JavaScript with ease and also enjoy a Gin and Tonic here and there, do not hesitate to contact us.

When you come to join us you can expect working with cool people in an environment that makes developers happy.

Sounds interesting to you? That’s what it takes to work with us:

  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL a huge plus
  • Good knowledge in Zend and jQuery or other frameworks
  • Source code control with Git
  • Hands-on experience with Vagrant and Puppet a plus

The only thing we need is your resume and PLEASE only by email to info(at)icinga.org. See you soon!