Icinga for Windows – RC2 Available

Icinga for Windows – RC2 Available

Icinga for Windows is our framework and plugin collection to monitor Windows hosts natively with the Icinga Agent. We published our first release candidate in November, today we are delighted to announce the availability of Release Candidate 2 of Icinga for Windows. Thanks to your feedback and tests during the past weeks, we were able to improve the entire solution and increase the stability and reliability. Further, we added additional management capabilities to make automation, configuration and troubleshooting easier.


Manage your Self-Service Key

With RC2 we introduce two new Cmdlets: Show-IcingaDirectorSelfServiceKey and Remove-IcingaDirectorSelfServiceKey. Those make it easier to access information about keys and flush those that have been removed from the Icinga Director.


Host-Address Detection for Interfaces

One of our challenges with our old Windows Module was fetching the correct IP-Address of the Windows Host during the registration process with the Icinga Director when using the Self-Service API. With RC2 this issue is now resolved and the correct address is fetched based on the routing configuration leading to your Icinga 2 endpoint. This fix increases the reliability and provides the last missing part of the registering process of new nodes.


Stability Improvements

During all your tests within the past weeks several issues were detected which caused the update process of Plugins or the Framework to fail, but also the setup wizard itself. With RC2, we improved the entire update process and ensured it will no longer crash and leave a broken state.

In addition we updated the wizard for these actions to validate input and ask the user to re-try in case downloads were not possible or failed for other reasons. Furthermore we improved the input messages to provide a better understanding which values are required and how they have to be entered.


Plenty of other Fixes

Thanks to your effort we were able to detect plenty of other issues, like memory leaks on the background daemon for service checks, missing Icinga Agent configuration steps and lots of smaller issues. You can get a detailed overview of all included fixes directly within the GitHub Issue Tracker: RC2 Issue Tracker


What’s Next?

We are looking forward to your feedback on the new version of the Framework. We’re planing to release version 1.0.0 during January in case no big issues occur. In addition we will work on new integrations and plugins during the next month, to allow a full Windows monitoring. Regarding new plugins our intention is to provide Hyper-V, Active Directory, Exchange and MSSQL in the future. If you are interested in this, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas.

Thank you all for your positive feedback and tests! If you didn’t try Icinga for Windows yet, get started by installing the Icinga for Windows Framework and our Plugin Collection!

Package updates: RHEL/CentOS 8, SLES 15 SP1, Fedora 31, OpenSUSE 15.1

Package updates: RHEL/CentOS 8, SLES 15 SP1, Fedora 31, OpenSUSE 15.1

Busy times after OSMC, we follow along with package updates for our ecosystem. As you know, we’ve fully migrated our build infrastructure from Jenkins to GitLab CI.

Today we are proud to announce the general availability for Icinga 2 and Icinga Web 2 packages for the following platforms:

  • RHEL/CentOS 8
  • Fedora 31
  • SLES 15 SP1
  • OpenSUSE 15.1

EPEL for RHEL/CentOS 8 requires special repository handling, this is documented here. Packages are available on https://packages.icinga.com.

Releasing Icinga Module for Jira

Releasing Icinga Module for Jira

Our journey of Icinga integrations continues – we’re announcing the general availability of the Icinga Module for Jira v1.0 today! Jira is a ticketing system created by Atlassian and it’s one of the most popular ones of its kind. Jira is used by a very diverse audience: Developers, Managers, SREs, Systems Engineers and everyone else who needs to keep track of issues and projects. The Icinga Module for Jira extends Icinga with multiple functionalities to create seamless workflows between Icinga and Jira.


Create Issues on Problems

When Icinga detects a problem in your infrastructure, be it a host that is down or a service that is critical, this module helps you by creating an issue for each problem automatically in Jira. This system comes in handy when multiple people work on problems or need to keep track of those.

The Icinga Module for Jira also keeps track of reoccurring problems, so you won’t create multiple issues for the same problem. Additionally, acknowledgements will be set automatically. If you don’t want to create issues automatically, you may create them manually through the Icinga Web interface.

To keep track of all existing issues created by this module, there’s a dedicated history overview. Further, a direct link to Jira is embedded at the host and service detail view leading you directly to related Jira issues.


Integrating with Jira Workflows

For those of you who are using customised workflows in Jira, this module brings a functionally to map those with the module. The highly configurable templates allow you to set custom values based on your existing workflow. You may set your team automatically or tag different problems with different tags.


Integrating with Director

The Icinga Module for Jira works based on a notification command that is included in ‘icingacli’ once the module is installed.

Users of the Director can simply just synchronise the related configuration and deploy it through Director to Icinga. This provides a hassle-free installation path where you don’t have to take care about creating custom Icinga configurations.





Get started

The documentation with a introduction is available on our website: Get started with Icinga Module for JIRA










Icinga for Windows – RC2 Available

Icinga for Windows – RC1 Available

During the past years we made plenty of contributions to improve the current state of the Windows monitoring. We tried to improve the actual installation with the Icinga 2 Powershell Module, allowing users to easier automate installation and configuration of Icinga 2. On a long term we however wanted to improve the monitoring of Windows infrastructures entirely, by not only providing new plugins but also to increase the contribution by the community.

Last year a first prototype was developed as a proof of concept on how Windows information could be fetched and is now continued as Icinga PowerShell Framework.


One Framework for everything

The Framework will provide all core functionality for developing plugins and to ensure standardised output for Icinga. This will include properly formatted performance metric output for your graphs within Graphite and/or Grafana. As a Framework alone of course does not provide monitoring capabilities, we will ship our very own re-designed PowerShell Plugins.


New Windows Plugins

With the new PowerShell Framework a bunch of the Plugins will be shipped separately in an own repository, to ensure updates can be applied more frequently and without having a huge impact on the core components itself. The following Plugins are currently available:

More will follow periodicaly over the time. If you wish to contribute your own Plugins to the community, you can have a look on the first draft of the developer guide.


Collecting Metrics over time

Another feature is to run the PowerShell Framework within an own service, which then will execute selected Plugins by you within a given time and collect metrics. By doing so, you can define how they should be combined to get a better idea on how output will perform over time.


Tease Trailer


Next Steps

We have released all repositories as Release Candidates and would love to hear your feedback! Within the next weeks and month we will continue to extend these components and to improve the use experience wherever required.

Stay tuned for updates !

Icinga 2.11.2

Icinga 2.11.2

The 2.11.2 release addresses a problem unveiled with the cluster config sync and the new config-change-reload detection. Users who run HA zones (two masters, two satellites) are affected by this in large scale environments when the sync takes quite some time. The fix is implemented on the config receiver side preventing reload loops. All affected agents, satellites and masters need to be updated.

You can find additional hints in the upgrading docs. Packages are available on packages.icinga.com as always.

Icinga 2.11.1 release

Icinga 2.11.1 release

2.11.0 unveiled a critical bug in the cluster config sync. Before you panic – upgrading the config master as documented before any other instance keeps you safe. The 2.11.1 release is for everyone upgrading their satellites/agents first. For those who cannot do a major upgrade on their masters, we also release 2.10.7 where we added an additional fix to prevent this behaviour.

The online documentation additionally covers troubleshooting topics for configuration problems with command endpoint agents and zone-in-zone synchronization.

Check the Changelog for 2.11.1 and 2.10.7 prior to upgrading. Packages are available on packages.icinga.com as always.