Moving to GitHub

As time passes by, things change. During the past years Icinga as an organization and as a software has evolved enormously. A side-effect of this growth is that requirements change as well. We feel responsible and are expected to react to them. Today I am happy and excited to announce that we moved our code and issue management to GitHub. Find us at (more…)

Buch! Buch! I wer' narrisch!*

It’s done. There is a book about Icinga 2 available as hardcopy (right now) and e-book (coming soon). icinga2_coverThere is only one minor drawback: It’s entirely in German. Since Lennart and me are German native-speakers, we decided it would be best to write the book in German, too. (In fact I’m Austrian, but Austrian is so similar to German that linguists still argue if it’s the same language or not)
But don’t you despair, if you can’t read German and don’t have the time to learn how to. We are still negotiating whether there will be an English version of the book or not. We will keep you updated.
If you are able to read German, here’s what is in the book:

  • Installation of Icinga 2 including the ClassicUI and Icinga Web 2
  • Thorough introduction to the Icinga 2 configuration language
  • Monitoring with the Icinga 2 agent, NRPE and SSH
  • Notifications
  • Distributed monitoring with satellites
  • Best Practices about how to plan and implement a monitoring setup
  • 100 pages about monitoring plugins
  • Graphing with Graphite and PNP
  • Logmanagement with Logstash
  • Business Processes
  • Reporting
  • Appendices with lots of extra code examples

The whole book uses a fictional company for examples which are backed with actual code. The examples were not only tested in a test environment but some are taken out of actual setups from customers (We are  Icinga consultants for a living)
So, if you want to order one (or more) book you can do so via Amazon, directly from the publisher or many other sources. E-books are still in the pipeline but will be available via most stores, too. If you’re not sure if you want to buy one, the publisher has some samples on the website.
* The headline means “Book! Book! I’m going crazy!” in Austrian. It’s a reference to a commentary to the soccer game Germany-vs-Austria Córdoba 1978 (just replace Book with Tor, which means Goal) which is even famous outside of the soccer fanbase. In fact I don’t like soccer at all but I thought it would be a nice headline.
For your reference:

Icinga Bells

Fresh from the Christmas staff party for a lot of Icinga team members, comes a rather different Christmas song.
We hope you all enjoy it, and you can start relaxing for the upcoming holidays.
Kudos to Thomas Gelf for the lyrics!

Icinga (Jingle Bells)

Trav’ling through the world, with a sexy fancy toy,
To the valley for a show, coding is a joy.
Forking like a king, while all my servers cry,
All the cores are jumping in, go threading, be not shy.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

A day or two ago, my tears not even dried,
Another fancy patch, came out and made me cry.
The patch was lean and lank, but still it didn’t solve
The problems there I had, I’d say they did evolve.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

A day or two ago, the story I must tell,
Being at a customer, processors burned like hell.
Mister Gun’ar riding by, with Michael at his side,
They coded day and night, for fun and for their pride.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

They managed it to keep, the load now pretty low,
But that’s just half the fun, so let instructions flow!
Context switches rock, and databases burn,
Hardware has been built for use, so let the spindles churn.

I-cin-ga, I-cin-ga, Icinga all the way,
Oh! What fun it is to fork on all my cores at once.

Icinga Shop – We are ready for Christmas!

Christmas is coming closer and the demand for really cool presents is growing rapidly. But we are here for you if you need us and therefore we are happy to launch our brand new Icinga Shop.
For a couple of years people have been asking us for various Icinga swag and the only answer we had was: “We are thinking about that!” It took some time but now we launch with a couple of products like mugs, hoodies, shirts and of course stickers. The mugs are Made in Germany and the high quality hoodies and polos are embroidered on demand.
The result is amazing and we are happy to offer you gluten free, organic and of course local stuff. Right know we are not able to deliver to every destination but we are working on adding new countries on a monthly base. You need a mug for your girlfriend, a hoodie for your father in law or a sticker for your grandmother? Here we are!
We are sure that you want to order right now. Let’s go and add some stuff to your cart and please don’t forget – Eric is not included.

Breaking – Icinga Wallpaper

From time to time people out there asked for an Icinga wallpaper. This was not an high priority issue for us, but latest sleeplessness helped a lot to move that forward :). Feel free to download our “Junior Pixelmator Edition” if you like. And if you don’t like it or (and this would be the much better thing) you can do it better, feel free to modify the Photoshop and Pixelmator sources. Have a nice weekend.

Welcome to Icinga's New Home

After 5 glorious years, from our birth as a fork to today, we now bid our well-worn website good bye.
While we wrap up our migration, if you find yourself looking for something from the old site you can’t see here – just pop us a comment below.
In the meantime take a look around. We hope you like it.