8 years #icingalove

8 years ago, May 2009 all we knew – create a better monitoring tool and work with our community and their demands. Integrate long awaited patches and functionality and care about feedback. Community members from all around the globe joined that vision. Germany, Austria, Italy, UK, India, USA, Australia, Brazil, Belgium,… many of us never worked in an open source project, and we try to make things right. Passionate with lots of emotional discussions, still putting our ideas to the next level.

Web Developer Wanted

we_want_youFirst things first, Happy New Year from Icinga. Have you picked New Year’s resolutions? We did! Our Icinga Web 2 development team in Nuremberg is looking for a talented colleague who loves coding and is passionate about technology to join us. If you are talking PHP and JavaScript with ease and also enjoy a Gin and Tonic here and there, do not hesitate to contact us.

When you come to join us you can expect working with cool people in an environment that makes developers happy.

Sounds interesting to you? That’s what it takes to work with us:

  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL a huge plus
  • Good knowledge in Zend and jQuery or other frameworks
  • Source code control with Git
  • Hands-on experience with Vagrant and Puppet a plus

The only thing we need is your resume and PLEASE only by email to info(at)icinga.org. See you soon!

Last Tickets for Icinga Camp Portland 2015

October is close and Icinga Camp Portland is only a couple of days away. If you haven’t already signed up for our Camp you should do so in the next days. We just have a couple of tickets left and would be happy if you join us at the 10th of October.
Our timetable for a full day of monitoring love is also finished and we’ll make sure that we all have a great day.
Again thanks to PuppetLabs for having us at their office and special thanks to our sponsors.

Register now and have safe travels to Portland!

Rootconf 2015 in Bangalore

Earlier this month i visited Bangalore and also India for the first time to join the HasGeek Rootconf 2015. I arrived a couple of days earlier to meet some Icinga partners and other people in the area. I had my first discussion late at night after arrival, cause a wild dog was not happy that i wanted to get back to my taxi. After a little bit yelling the dog went away and i was able to continue my journey:).
Before i move on to talk about the conference let me just mention one thing … the traffic. It is really unbelievable whats going on there. Going from A to B takes minimum an hour and it is absolutely insignificant where place A or B is. I thought there is no chance for me getting back and i will never come out of this jungle, but then the opposite happens. I got used to it and after some days it was really “normal”.
But lets talk about the conference. The Rootconf was very well organised and the team helped me a lot in the preparation of my travel. The first day started with talk about SaltStack given by Mike Place. It was the first time for me getting in touch with this project in the configuration management area and Mike did a really good job. Definitely a take away for me and the project to work together with these guys in the future.  The talk was followed by a couple of speeches on scalability, cloud and a database comparison between MySQL and PosgreSQL.
My keynote started at the beginning of the second day and for me it was really amazing how many people still using Icinga2 in production. Snapdeal, India’s largest online store, uses Icinga for years now and they plan to migrate over to Icinga2 in the next weeks.
My talk was followed by so many good questions, discussions and ideas that i missed lunch two hours later. But that’s not worth mentioning, cause this was the purpose of my visit. The best thing directly happened after my talk. A RancherOS – Demo with an Icinga Web 2 installation. Great!
Our friends at Olindata provide an Icinga Training in Bangalore in July. If you want to learn more about Icinga, register now. And if you want to talk to Eric and others in the Icinga Community you should definitely visit us in Kuala Lumpur in June.
India was a great experience with a lot of interesting talks, very lovely people, great food and a cricket game on Sunday. Royal Challengers Bangalore Go Go Go. We’ll back!

Exciting 6th year for Icinga

Time is passing by and it’s already been six years since we forked Nagios and created Icinga. Lot’s of things happened since then, Icinga is in its second version by now, our community is constantly growing and since last year we have a great success with our Icinga Camps all over the world. At this point we would like to thank our community, because with your help Icinga became what it is now.

Icinga 2 first stable release

graphite_screen16.6.2014 – The months before the very first and final release have been hard, without sleep and also with the feeling – will the community (YOU!) feel the same about Icinga 2? Icinga doesn’t phone home, so we do not exactly know who’s using Icinga (2) already. Going to conferences, workshops and events makes us believe that there must be a large number already – and looking on our social media streams, there so much #monitoringlove for all the things we do and did right, that’s really really awesome!
And especially you, the Icinga users, are the most awesome to adopt the new configuration syntax, to love the apply rules and to drop not-helping migration scripts and whatnot. Explaining best practices and working together on the best documentation there is – that’s how communities are enjoyable and fun for both, users and developers. 2.3.x reflects that even more.

New website look

While the old WordPress installation worked fine for many years, we were looking for some more lightweight and also responsive layout. Bernd didn’t sleep much incorporating all the css details into our new unified style and colors on all *.icinga.org websites and slide decks. We’ve also integrated resources such as slideshare or even the Icinga 2 live console demo. In the end we feel confident that you’ll love it – statistics unveil that the Icinga Web 2 screenshots are demanded the most 😉

Icinga Camps – where the community connects

gate_bridgeWho could’ve expected such a massive warm feedback and familiar atmosphere back in September at GitHub HQ 3.0 – our first Icinga Camp San Francisco was pretty much a blast. And so we took the offer to spread the #icingalove on multiple places all over the globe – Barcelona, Antwerp, FOSSASIA, FlossUKSIG-NOC meeting, OSDC, Rootconf, Opentech SummitKuala Lumpur … more, more, more!
Right after Puppetconf 2015 on the 10th of October 2015 we are proud to host the Icinga Camp Portland directly at PuppetLabs – I personally can’t wait for that 🙂

Icinga at CeBIT 2015

icinga_cebitFor the first time we had our own booth at the world´s most famous IT exhibition. The Open Source Forum at the CeBit was the perfect platform to present Icinga to a wide audience. After the talk our booth was surrounded by a crowd of new Icinga fans. Visitors and users enjoyed there the fancy Icinga Web 2 demo and saw how Icinga 2‘s apply-services-based-on-patterns works. We enjoyed showing every bits and pieces of  Icinga and had a lot of fun during this week.

Icinga Exchange

Icinga ExchangeAs it seems that the Nagios guys have been removing/banning everything Icinga-related, we’ve come up with our very own plugin and module exchange platform. Next to the Solr-backed search index it offers automated Github sync – the activity in the past months already shows that this extra work was the right decision moving forward. Once Icinga Web 2 and its CLI is ready, we think of automated setup wizards and much more.

Icinga Web 2 first beta release

beta3-disable-autorefreshLater in 2014 we’ve been to the OSMC in Nuremberg – where we’ve released Icinga 1.0RC in 2009 – announcing the first beta release of our next generation web frontend Icinga Web 2. The web developers are working hard to improve and fix all the bugs reported ever since – at the time of writing they are wrapping their head around their first release candidate hoping to incorporate everything required for a final release. Quality requires time – so thank you for your patience and overwhelming test feedback and bug reports.
Icinga Web 2 follows the new era started with Icinga 2, rewritten from scratch and abandoning the Nagios roots. Rewritten from scratch, responsive design, fast, looking pure magic, web based setup wizard and much more.

Icinga Web 2 modules

IMG_0782Modules for everything. While we’ve started working on graph integration with PNP4Nagios and a new Business Process module, community members started hacking away with NagVis and Graphite integration. Icinga Exchange also got a new category for these kind of modules allowing easier installation in the future.

Automate the internet of things

We have Puppet, Ansible and Chef module maintainers on the team, enriching the Icinga ecosystem and allowing community & enterprise users to automate all the monitoring stuff they’ve been looking forward to. Most certainly we’ll follow the same strategy as for our beloved packagers on the team – keep it upstream, one single download & maintenance location.

Packages & Testing

Icinga 2 already paved the way for packages. We’ve put plenty of effort into offering a variety of distribution packages and repositories from the very beginning. Packages also do help a lot when being built on each git commit, testing all the stuff with Jenkins in an automated fashion.
Putting that together with developing Icinga Web 2, having snapshot packages available since early stages and using them in our Vagrant box demos – well, we are now focusing on development which runs much much faster these days. And presentations and events are a bit tad easy using the Vagrant boxes for live demos too.

The future

icinga_legoOur journey does not stop here – still looking for new fields of monitoring. The final release of Icinga Web 2 is scheduled in the next months, certainly sooner than Icinga 2 and 2.4 where we will go for a generalized API – more updates on this topic soon. We’ve also put effort into a concept for creating a web based configuration module for Icinga Web 2 later in 2015.
Our 6th year … oh, I could tell you even more stories from the Icinga family, but I’m leaving this for meeting you at the Icinga Camps having some G&T together 🙂
By the way, if you are wondering who I am – My name is Stephanie, I work for NETWAYS and therefore have been following the Icinga Project for some years. Now, I would like contribute and support the team with the community channels. So you will read more from me soon.

Meet us at OpenTechSummit in Berlin in May

OpenTechSummitWhile Bernd is heading to Bangalore for the RootConf, I myself will represent the Icinga team at the OpenTechSummit in Berlin.
The OpenTechSummit is for everyone, developers, makers, start-ups and contributors. It takes place at the Kalkscheune in Berlin on the 14th of May (which is a public holiday in Germany).
You will meet a lot of interesting people with talks about Open- Software, Hardware and Data, as well as tracks about society and patents, and Linux in specific. And you can bring your kids!
Check out their website for all details, and meet me there if you want to talk about Icinga.
And thanks to the organizers of OpenTechSummit, we can offer free entry for our community! Just use the link below, or use “icinga” as a discount code while registering.
Register with this link
If you can’t find me on site, hit me on Twitter @lazyfrosch.
OpenTechSummit crowd