Get your Early Bird Tickets for Milan!

Get your Early Bird Tickets for Milan!


What is the most fashionable way to travel to Milan this year? Join our very first Icinga Camp in Italy!

We are very proud to be organizing this event together with our Italian partner Würth Phoenix. And the good thing: You can still get an Early Bird Ticket until the end of this week! Be fast and register now!


Our first confirmed Speakers


Bernd Erk State of Icinga
Michele Santuari

NetEye 4 based on Icinga 2

Simone Mainardi

Integrating Icinga 2 and ntopng

Rocco Pezzani

Discover the real user experience with Alyvix

Blerim Sheqa

Challenges of Monitoring Big Infrastructure


Icinga Camps are dedicated to Icinga – best practices, add-ons, tools, and the projects continuous development. The Camps offer the perfect platform to learn about new techniques and monitoring updates. Icinga developers, community and enterprise users come together to discuss the latest trends and share knowledge, experiences and stories.


Updates on Icinga Camps in Stockholm, Milan and Zürich

Updates on Icinga Camps in Stockholm, Milan and Zürich

The Icinga Camps we are co-organizing with our partners are truly fascinating. We manage to offer a platform for experienced monitoring experts and beginners at the same time. An Icinga Camp is an event where you can listen to amazing stories from Icinga users and developers. But it’s also a place where you discuss your own challenges learn from the experience of others. You will get the news about the latest technologies in the Icinga universe and discover many possibilities how Icinga helps you to manage your daily monitoring requirements.

We have opened the Call for Presentations and Registration for the upcoming Icinga Camps in Stockholm, Milan and Zürich!

We would love to hear about your successes, learnings and pains in production. Share your experience with others and tell us your story. These are just some examples on what we are looking for:

  • Best Practices – There isn’t just one way to do it
  • From your Experience – Every monitoring environment has different challenges, tell us about yours
  • Monitoring Culture – Building a healthy monitoring environment
  • Integrations – How do you connect and use Icinga with your other tools

Submit your Proposal

Icinga Camp Berlin 2019

Icinga Camp Berlin 2019

On March 14 more than 150 monitoring maniacs found their way to Kalkscheune. For another year the location was the venue for Icinga Camp Berlin. Among those maniacs were many well-known faces, but also surprisingly many new ones.

A lot of talks and discussions and besides tasty food, you could also grab an Icinga shirt from the newest collection. As usual the event started with pretzels, coffee and a quick kick off from Icinga CEO Bernd.



He also announced that there won’t be an Icinga Camp taking place in Berlin next year. Instead, the Icinga community will have the chance to come together for the new two day IcingaConf, taking place in Amsterdam on May 13 and 14, 2020.

You can sign up now and receive a 20% discount.

Blerim was there to ask him anything during the breaks


During the breaks Icinga Product Manager Blerim was available to ask him anything at the Icinga AMA desk.

Following up were the main talks. The topics reflected very well, that the Icinga ecosystem is as lively as never before. Besides getting insights into the development process of the new and shiny IcingaDB, the attendees learned from Assaf how easy it is to manage massive environments with Icinga Director.

Another thing that surfaced very clear was how open and flexible Icinga is. This was clarified by how well it collaborates with third party tools and products. Philipp Krenn from Elastic described, how well data from Icinga 2 can be exported and then be beautifully visualised using Kibana. And also the HashiCorp Stack is a well-playing teammate to Icinga, which Inuits’ Bram Vogelaar showed.

After the more intellectual part, there was also a treatment for the physical welfare. At Murphy’s Irish Pub, which was located just around the corner, the community came together for a gathering. Solely Karaoke was missing this year, but some of the attendees might not have been too unhappy about this.

The Icinga Camp event crew getting ready for after hour

Icinga Camp Berlin is coming closer

Icinga Camp Berlin is coming closer

Icinga Camp Berlin 2019 is coming closer and with it the last chance to get tickets. The event will take place on Thursday, March 14, at the “Kalkscheune” in Berlin. The speakers line-up and timetable is set! Topics in Berlin range from the current state of Icinga, to implementations in large scale environments and integrations with Elastic and Hashicorp tools. Check it out! The whole program and tickets are available at the event website.

Announcing the Agenda for Icinga Camp Berlin 2019

Announcing the Agenda for Icinga Camp Berlin 2019

It’s coming closer! This years Icinga Camp Berlin will take place on 14th March and we’re excited to publish the first confirmed speakers. The agenda includes a great bunch of talks from experienced Icinga users. The topics vary from integrations with Elastic and the HashiCorp Stack, reports by professional Icinga users about their challenges and best practices from the field. Not to forget about the latest news directly from the Icinga Team about current developments and upcoming projects.
Icinga Camps are a great platform to expand your knowledge and learn new methods that enhance your monitoring experience. Besides the planned program, Icinga Camps function as a meeting point for monitoring enthusiasts from all areas. (more…)

Announcing Icinga Tour 2019

Announcing Icinga Tour 2019

We’re happy to announce our Icinga Tour 2019! The Icinga Tour is a series of Icinga Camps on different dates spread all over the globe through the year. We’re organising this series of events in coorporation with our local partners. Through the past years we hosted various Icinga Camps, for this year we decided to start with defined dates to give everyone the chance to plan ahead. (more…)