My first OSMC

by | Nov 2, 2022

I’m a part of Icinga more than a year. In this time, there were some events and conferences. Since now I wasn’t part of those. But in a few weeks, I will be part of the OSMC – the Open Source Monitoring Conference. My tasks won’t be very complex. I will be responsible for the recording of the speakers. There will be many different and interesting people that are talking about different topics.


There are different speakers that are talking about Icinga or are part of Icinga:

Our CEO and co-founder Bernd Erk will talk about ‘the current state of Icinga (EN)‘.

Feu Mourek will talk about ‘Git Good – How knowing git can make your life easier (EN)‘. Its hard to avoid git, so Feu will try that you understand git. Because if someone understood it once, its not that hard to use.

Christian Stein will talk about ‘Icinga for Windows in the Monitoring of Madness‘ (EN). He will give you an insight about the challanges of developing Icinga for Windows and will talk about a new feature set for Icinga for Windows v1.11.0.

Thomas Gelf will explain ‘VMware monitoring with ease‘ (EN). Thomas wants to give a deeper look into lesser-known features and showcases of vSphereDB.


Interesting workshops

Dirk Götz and Blerim Sheqa will also make a workshop about the Icinga Director and the Director Branches (DE).

Topics of the Workshop:

  • Basic introduction to Icinga Director
  • Working with templates
  • Adding hosts and services
  • Managing Service Sets and Apply Rules
  • Director Import based on SQL
  • Working with Director Branches

Apart from the Icinga speaker and the Icinga Workshop, there are also other workshops and many other interesting people that are talking about exiting topics. I will take part of it on the 15th and 16th November, which means that I can also see the speaker and learn new things.







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