Releasing Icinga DB Web v1.0.1

by | Sep 8, 2022

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga DB Web v1.0.1. You can find all issues related to this release on the respective milestone.

Something’s Broken?

Apparently. Though, we’re nevertheless satisfied how the initial release went. None of the issues that popped up were so severe that an immediate hotfix was required. We hope that this release will convince even more users to try out Icinga DB.

What’s Fixed?

Ugly Exceptions

Caused by coupling Icinga DB Web with PHP 8.1 for example. The history and source detail view also showed some which were caused by Icinga DB’s asynchronous behavior. Events for example are registered on large systems before the config is fully updated in the database. If the history tries to show object details then, it cannot and either fails (previously) or handles it gracefully (now).

Integration With Other Modules

Icinga DB Web loads hooks previously implemented by the monitoring module. This didn’t quite work as it incorrectly mimicked the monitoring module’s interface. Now it does it correctly. This also means that the monitoring module is not a requirement anymore. It never was, though the compatibility layer still required it implicitly by mistake. In addition, this led to a small QODL (Quality of Developer Life) improvement, as native hooks for Icinga DB Web also have access to custom variables in their original (non-flattened) format by still accessing $host->customvars for example.

Searchbar Bugs

The Searchbar is a highlight of Icinga DB Web and we are (I am) very proud of it. It just lets you search for columns even more efficiently now as labels are streamlined and similar columns in different relations use the same label and hence show up for the same input. Try event in the history. Or name anywhere else. While we were at it, it also properly validates columns in the host- and servicegroup overview now. Ah, and speaking of service groups, if you now search in the comment, downtime, notification or history list after Servicegroup Name for example, you will also see results for hosts. (Which were missing previously)

There’s MoreLess

Though for that you have to take a look at the milestone or try it out to see it for yourself. (Or rather, to not see it, this is about bugs after all…)

And Next?

Integration with the generictts module is work in progress. Host- and Servicegroup grid views are also still missing. Should both, and more, be part of the next major update. Stay tuned!

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