Releasing Icinga Web v2.11.1

by | Jul 7, 2022

Today we’re announcing the general availability of Icinga Web v2.11.1.

You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap. If you haven’t already upgraded to v2.11.0, please make sure to also check the respective upgrading section in the documentation.

History Matters

Version 2.11.0 of Icinga Web cleaned up many legacy parts within its code-base. One of those changes wasn’t tested well enough and resulted in the event grid and timeline views not showing any data. To make things worse, the event overview and object history views showed 01:33:42 all over the place. I could be tempted to say we were working all night long and when testing these changes it was indeed half past 1 AM. But let’s be honest, the views were not crashing and that has been considered a success. The fix has now been tested well enough and all history views work fine again.

Did someone say PostgreSQL?

Our users who rely on PostgreSQL sadly know this story very well. We tested really every inch of Icinga DB and Icinga DB Web prior to release. Though, as it is with many of our previous releases, PostgreSQL didn’t made it on the list of checks. This is why this release of Icinga Web is accompanied by version 0.9.1 of the icinga-php-library. Upgrading to it should make Icinga DB Web work fine with PostgreSQL.

In case you missed it, Or we

PHP 8.1 support has been introduced with the release of Icinga Web 2.11.0. Icinga PDF Export also got an update for this reason. Last month, Icinga Cube and the Icinga Module for Graphite got an update each to support the final release of Icinga DB Web as well. And because we missed to release support for Icinga Web 2.11.0 in the Icinga Module for JIRA, it also is available in version 1.2.2 as of today.

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