Summary Day 4 of Feedback Week

by | Nov 20, 2020

Ring in day 5! The Icinga Week is coming to an end with today being our last day, where you can cast your vote on several questions with the overall topic „Social Communication“.



Community Hero #3


Today is also the day on which you can choose your third Community Hero! And this time, it is very special: we’ll leave the question open for you to name your very own Community Hero ? Make sure to check our social channels (Twitter, Facebook, the forum and LinkedIn) to not miss anything! All Community Heroes/winners will be announced next week.


So much to day 5. Now let’s get a little summary of yesterday and the topic Code Contributor.



All things Code Contribution


We’ve asked you Have you ever contributed? and the answer is pretty clear: most of you have contributed to the codebase. The second most votes were for “No”, and some have contributed to the documentation. We’ve also got a few individual answers, from writing Puppet code to using the Icinga forum as their platform for contribution – and those are just as valid!


We’re glad to see that most people of the Icinga Community find it super easy to report an issue, if they’ve ever done it! Little to none have never reported an issue or think it could be easier.


For the upcoming question, we have a tie to the following question If you have an idea for a feature, would you know how to get it started? We’ve got the same exact amount of votes for Yes and No.
So, a lot depends on what kind of feature idea you have. If you want to learn how to write your own Icinga Web module, the next question might help you find a starting point, for all other things you can always come learn more in the community forum, by either asking questions or reading up on your info in the How-To section! And, of course, you can always come to us directly and suggest it, either as an Issue on GitHub or via the contact form on our website – we might pick up on it and put a sponsoring request out!


The outcome of the question Do you know of our icingaweb2-module-training? is indeed a very interesting one! Most of you didn’t know about it, so we hope we helped shed some light on it, so you can get started with your very own web module!


With How’s the communitcaion on GitHub? you guys are okay with it, but there’s space for improvement: most of you find what they need, but it could be better. We’re taking notes here and will take your feedback into consideration!


Let’s get day 5 started! Happy voting!



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