Let’s meet virtually – Today!

by | Mar 27, 2020

It’s friday the 27th folks!
This means, the meetup mentioned in this post is going to happen – in an hour!
When: March 27, 5PM – 7PM (CET)
WhereJitsi Meeting
A few notes before we get started:
Before the meetup
– Make sure your mic and headphones are all set up
– Having a camera might be cool too! (You don’t even have to wear pants if you don’t get up)
– Maybe you want to wear you cool swag
– We’re gonna be having a setup test phase 15 minutes prior to the meeting (to check the mic and camera)
– Be kind
– Understand that everyone is human, even the people on the other end
– We all want Icinga to be the best it can be
– Hear each other out
– The usual code of conduct applies!
Technical notes
– To reduce chaos, everyone will be muted until it’s their turn
– You can raise your hand (little hand icon in the corner) and you will be added to the speaking queue
– Keep your hand up during queue time, else we will assume you don’t want to speak anymore
– There will not be a recording. I repeat: you will not be recorded! Instead, we have people taking notes, which will be posted the following week.
The Agenda:
– PSA: be nice to each other & communication guidelines
– Introduction round
– FAQs
– Collect topics to discuss
– Summary
– Discuss communication platforms for the future
– Goodbyes and chill out time

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