Monthly Snap April: Berlin Meetup, Releases and Themes

by | May 2, 2018

April brought us new bugfix releases of Icinga 2 v2.8 and Icinga Web v2.5. Carsten released new versions for the Grafana module for Icinga Web 2. Christoph updated everything to the latest in his Docker containers.
Blerim wrote a thing about continuous monitoring on the Chef blog. The Icinga 2 master instances in NWS now provide the possibility to send Slack notifications. Jens shared insights into pushover notifications. Assaf is working on the Ansible playbooks and gives a peek in to Terraform. Emil released a new version of the check_domain_expiration plugin.
Our community channels brought more insights into Icinga Web 2 and custom service grids, and Icinga 2 with custom filter functions for apply for rules.
Simon and Nicolai created the first Icinga meetup in Berlin on May 16th 2018 – make sure to join them!


Themes for Icinga Web 2

Creating your own theme really has become a breeze with many examples created by our awesome community. Find a selection below and share your own 🙂

If you need a starter, checkout the company theme created by Markus.


We’ve heard about OTRS integrating the Icinga 2 REST API for native notification ticket handling.

If you have set up a Release and Deployment Management Process in your OTRS system and want to automatically create a new host in your Icinga2 monitoring system, you’ll find this post interesting. Read more:

— OTRS (@OTRSGroup) April 3, 2018

Add SLA reporting from the Icinga IDO database into your Grafana dashboards 🙂

@icinga a very simple status dashboard based on Grafana using IDO as a data source. Thanks @grafana for the awesome MySQL datasource plugin. We'll do some more development before releasing it on

— Sander Petersson (@linpopilan) April 4, 2018


A first look on the Icinga 2 book

Die neue Ausgabe vom @icinga 2 Buch ist direkt vorm ersten Durchlauf des Reviewprozesses. Die Seitenanzahl hat sich verdoppelt. Yay!

— Thomas Widhalm (@widhalmt) April 6, 2018


From the community with love

Best captcha ever! #mademyday #icinga #monitoringlove cc @icinga

— Christian Stankowic (@stankowic_devel) April 18, 2018

Finally it arrived ?

— Carsten (@Mikeschova) April 21, 2018

Ein Gin. Les es einfach rückwärts, "A Gin i see" ?

— Carsten (@Mikeschova) April 22, 2018

I got 99 problems.. #icinga2

— noqqe (ಠ_ಠ) (@noqqe) April 9, 2018


In case you ever wondered how a fully high available #monitoring architecture could look like. #icinga #influxdb #grafana #nagvis #haproxy #galera
Don't blame the architect if it looks confusing XD

— Claudio Kuenzler (@ClaudioKuenzler) April 19, 2018

Nack Nack Nack #monitoring ??? #icinga2 #grafana

— ゼ ロ ワ ン // ? (@zero_0ne) April 24, 2018

Wow. Von „Da ist was kaputt“ auf „Ursache gefunden, Problem behoben“ in 4 Stunden. Deswegen Open Source /cc @icinga

— Falk Stern (@wrf42) April 25, 2018


This is why i love the @icinga community ?

— Carsten (@Mikeschova) April 25, 2018

Thanks for taking part, see you in May!

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