Icinga 2 v2.7.1 bugfix release

by | Sep 21, 2017

We’ve come around several issues with Icinga 2 v2.7.0 and fixed them with this new v2.7.1 release. It also contains other bug fixes requested by Icinga partners and their customer support (Livestatus, DB IDO downtimehistory).
There also was an issue with large configuration files being synced in distributed environments. Aside from the bugfix the configuration sync logs now tell you how many bytes will be synced for better debugging low bandwidth issues. Cluster setups could also run into the problem that the “Downtime End” event was not correctly updated in the IDO database history tables.
Federico fixed an issue with acknowledgement notifications not being sent, thanks for that. Systemd causes trouble with fork errors in versions >226 on SLES 12 SP2, the service file has been updated. Livestatus had a problem with stats and bygroup tables in NagVis. A patch for stale InfluxDB connections in 2.7.0 caused problems with TLS enabled, so we had to deprecate the “socket_timeout” attribute and remove the buggy code.
The newly introduced notification scripts have been updated from community feedback and pull requests, thank you, Christian, pv2b, Michael. Please check the upgrade documentation and follow this advisory to update your mail notifications.
This bugfix release also puts focus on better documentation in various locations. Francesco contributed the Alpine Linux setup instructions, thank you! You’ll recognise updated certificate troubleshooting which originates from this advisory. check_nscp_api has been fixed and we’ve added a Windows service monitoring example to the docs too. There are many more updates such as troubleshooting with NSClient++, feeding in external check results, using multiple template imports, etc.
Release packages are available on our official package repository. Community repositories might take a bit to catch up. Meanwhile make sure to read the Changelog and prepare your test lab for an upgrade.
Happy monitoring!

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