Moving to GitHub

by | Jan 17, 2017

As time passes by, things change. During the past years Icinga as an organization and as a software has evolved enormously. A side-effect of this growth is that requirements change as well. We feel responsible and are expected to react to them. Today I am happy and excited to announce that we moved our code and issue management to GitHub. Find us at
We want to work even closer with the community than we already do. We’d like to make it easier for everyone to contribute to Icinga 2, Icinga Web 2 and any other of our projects. Furthermore, the issue management in our rather outdated Redmine installation does not fit our needs anymore. We want to keep the discussions as near to the code as possible. Hosting a Gitosis setup on our infrastructure and synchronize repositories to GitHub just doesn’t feel right anymore. Additionally, starting with our partner program, we found that the permission management in Gitosis is not something we want to maintain.
We want to move, and we mean it. We’re not just closing old doors and shutting down and We worked hard to specify what this change means to us and everyone affected by it. We decided that we want to keep the history. So we moved all of the issues (open and closed) to GitHub. The scripts used for this migration are public and you can find them here. Old links are redirected to the new issues. Nothing is lost, just moved to another place. This is how we try make this change for everyone as comfortable as possible.

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