Icinga Web 2 v2.2.0 released

by | Mar 1, 2016

Today we release Icinga Web 2 Version 2.2.0. This version fixes a couple of security issues and makes the web interface even more accessible for people with impairments. We kept an eye on keyboard navigation, visual elements and screen reader compatibility to remove many barriers as possible. For example, the screenshot shows a high-contrast theme. Security improvements for external links and content provided by plugins or user input. Under the hood we fixed plenty of bugs to keep you smiling when using your favourite web interface.
We are proud to bring you a new version that increases user experience for everyone and security in your productive environments. Checkout version 2.2.0 on GitHub or use packages for your favourite platform.

Changelog Version 2.2.0



  • Feature 8487: Number headings in the documentation module
  • Feature 8963: Feature commands in the multi select views
  • Feature 10654: Render links in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
  • Feature 11062: Allow style classes in plugin output
  • Feature 11238: Puppet/Vagrant: Install mod_ssl and forward port 443


  • Bug 7350: Tabs are missing if JS is disabled
  • Bug 9800: Debian packaging: Ship translation module w/ the icingaweb2 package and install its config.ini
  • Bug 10173: Failed commands give no useful error any more
  • Bug 10251: Icinga Web 2 fails to run with PHP7
  • Bug 10277: Special characters are incorrectly escaped for tooltips in the service grid
  • Bug 10289: Doc module: Headers are cut off when clicking on TOC links
  • Bug 10309: Move auth backend configuration to app config
  • Bug 10310: Monitoring details: information/action ordering
  • Bug 10362: Debian packaging: Separate package for CLI missing
  • Bug 10366: Text plugin output treated as HTML in too many occasions
  • Bug 10369: Accessibility: Focus not visible and lost after refresh
  • Bug 10397: Users with no permissions can check multiple services
  • Bug 10442: Edit user control should be more prominent
  • Bug 10469: “Remove Acknowledgement” text missing in multi-select views
  • Bug 10506: HTTP basic auth request is sent when using Kerberos authentication with Apache2 and mod_php
  • Bug 10625: Return local date and time when lost connection to the web server
  • Bug 10640: Respect protected_variables in nested custom variables too
  • Bug 10778: Filters in the host group and service group overview not applied to state links
  • Bug 10786: Whitespace characters are ignored in the plugin output in list views
  • Bug 10805: Setup Wizard: Obsolete PHP sockets requirement
  • Bug 10856: Benchmark is not rendered on many pages
  • Bug 10871: Get rid of padding in controls
  • Bug 10878: Dashboards different depending on username casing
  • Bug 10881: Move iframe from modules to framework
  • Bug 10917: Event grid tiles: The filter column “from” is not allowed here
  • Bug 10918: Error on logout when using external authentication
  • Bug 10921: icingacli monitoring list –format=csv throws error
  • Bug 11000: Change license header to only reflect a file’s year of creation/initial commit
  • Bug 11008: Wobbling spinners
  • Bug 11021: Global default theme is not applied while not authenticated
  • Bug 11032: Fix icon_image size and provide a CSS class for theming
  • Bug 11039: Misleading tooltip in Tactical Overview
  • Bug 11051: Preferences and navigation items stored in INI files rely on case sensitive usernames
  • Bug 11073: Active row is flickering on refresh
  • Bug 11091: Custom navigation items: URL is not escaped/encoded
  • Bug 11100: Comments are always persistent
  • Bug 11114: Validate that a proper root DN is set for LDAP resources
  • Bug 11117: Vendor: Update dompdf to version 0.6.2
  • Bug 11119: icingacli shows ugly exception when unable to access the config directory
  • Bug 11120: icingacli: command and action shortcuts have been broken
  • Bug 11126: Invalid cookie value in cookie icingaweb2-tzo
  • Bug 11142: LDAP User Groups backend group_filter
  • Bug 11143: Layout: Tabs should be left-aligned
  • Bug 11151: Having basic authentication on the webserver but not in Icinga Web 2 causes Web 2 to require basic auth
  • Bug 11168: Debian packaging: Don’t patch HTMLPurifier loading and install HTMLPurifier*.php files from the library/vendor root
  • Bug 11187: Session cookie: Path too broad and unset secure flag on HTTPS
  • Bug 11197: Menu items without url should ignore the target configuration
  • Bug 11260: Scheduling downtimes through the API not working

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