Icinga 2 v2.4.2 bugfix release

by | Feb 23, 2016

The most important fixes included in this release v2.4.2 are improving the cluster and DB IDO performance. Additionally we have fixed connection handling problems for both the cluster and the API. There are also lots of various other bugfixes, ITL configuration updates and documentation improvements.
Please check the Changelog below. Packages should be available soon.

What’s New in Version 2.4.2



  • ITL
    • Additional arguments for check_disk
    • Fix incorrect path for the check_hpasm plugin
    • New command: check_iostat
    • Fix incorrect variable names for the check_impi plugin
  • Cluster
    • Improve cluster performance
    • Fix connection handling problems (multiple connections for the same endpoint)
  • Performance improvements for the DB IDO modules
  • Lots and lots of various other bugfixes
  • Documentation updates


  • Feature 10660: Add CMake flag for disabling the unit tests
  • Feature 10777: Add check_iostat to ITL
  • Feature 10787: Add “-x” parameter in command definition for disk-windows CheckCommand
  • Feature 10807: Raise a config error for “Checkable” objects in global zones
  • Feature 10857: DB IDO: Add a log message when the connection handling is completed
  • Feature 10860: Log DB IDO query queue stats
  • Feature 10880: “setting up check plugins” section should be enhanced with package manager examples
  • Feature 10920: Add Timeout parameter to snmpv3 check
  • Feature 10947: Add example how to use custom functions in attributes
  • Feature 10964: Troubleshooting: Explain how to fetch the executed command
  • Feature 10988: Support TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for the cluster transport encryption
  • Feature 11037: Add String#trim
  • Feature 11138: Checkcommand Disk : Option Freespace-ignore-reserved


  • Bug 7287: Re-checks scheduling w/ retry_interval
  • Bug 8714: Add priority queue for disconnect/programstatus update events
  • Bug 8976: DB IDO: notification_id for contact notifications is out of range
  • Bug 10226: Icinga2 reload timeout results in killing old and new process because of systemd
  • Bug 10449: Livestatus log query – filter “class” yields empty results
  • Bug 10458: Incorrect SQL command for creating the user of the PostgreSQL DB for the IDO
  • Bug 10460: A PgSQL DB for the IDO can’t be created w/ UTF8
  • Bug 10497: check_memory and check_swap plugins do unit conversion and rounding before percentage calculations resulting in imprecise percentages
  • Bug 10544: check_network performance data in invalid format
  • Bug 10554: Non-UTF8 characters from plugins causes IDO to fail
  • Bug 10655: API queries cause memory leaks
  • Bug 10700: Crash in ExternalCommandListener
  • Bug 10711: Zone::CanAccessObject is very expensive
  • Bug 10713: ApiListener::ReplayLog can block with a lot of clients
  • Bug 10714: API is not working on wheezy
  • Bug 10724: Remove the local zone name question in node wizard
  • Bug 10728: node wizard does not remember user defined port
  • Bug 10736: Missing num_hosts_pending in /v1/status/CIB
  • Bug 10739: Crash on startup with incorrect directory permissions
  • Bug 10744: build of icinga2 with gcc 4.4.7 segfaulting with ido
  • Bug 10745: ITL check command possibly mistyped variable names
  • Bug 10748: Missing path in mkdir() exceptions
  • Bug 10760: Disallow lambda expressions where side-effect-free expressions are not allowed
  • Bug 10765: Avoid duplicate config and status updates on startup
  • Bug 10773: chcon partial context error in safe-reload prevents reload
  • Bug 10779: Wrong postgresql-setup initdb command for RHEL7
  • Bug 10780: The hpasm check command is using the PluginDir constant
  • Bug 10784: Incorrect information in –version on Linux
  • Bug 10806: Missing SUSE repository for monitoring plugins documentation
  • Bug 10817: Failed IDO query for icinga_downtimehistory
  • Bug 10818: Use NodeName in null and random checks
  • Bug 10819: Cluster config sync ignores zones.d from API packages
  • Bug 10824: Windows build fails with latest git master
  • Bug 10825: Missing documentation for API packages zones.d config sync
  • Bug 10826: Build error with older CMake versions on VERSION_LESS compare
  • Bug 10828: Relative path in include_zones does not work
  • Bug 10829: IDO breaks when writing to icinga_programstatus with latest snapshots
  • Bug 10830: Config validation doesn’t fail when templates are used as object names
  • Bug 10852: Formatting problem in “Advanced Filter” chapter
  • Bug 10855: Implement support for re-ordering groups of IDO queries
  • Bug 10862: Evaluate if CanExecuteQuery/FieldToEscapedString lead to exceptions on !m_Connected
  • Bug 10867: “repository add” cli command writes invalid “type” attribute
  • Bug 10883: Icinga2 crashes in IDO when removing a comment
  • Bug 10890: Remove superfluous #ifdef
  • Bug 10891: is_active in IDO is only re-enabled on “every second” restart
  • Bug 10908: Typos in the “troubleshooting” section of the documentation
  • Bug 10923: API actions: Decide whether fixed: false is the right default
  • Bug 10931: Exception stack trace on icinga2 client when the master reloads the configuration
  • Bug 10932: Cluster config sync: Ensure that /var/lib/icinga2/api/zones/* exists
  • Bug 10935: Logrotate on systemd distros should use systemctl not service
  • Bug 10948: Icinga state file corruption with temporary file creation
  • Bug 10956: Compiler warnings in lib/remote/base64.cpp
  • Bug 10959: Better explaination for array values in “disk” CheckCommand docs
  • Bug 10963: high load and memory consumption on icinga2 agent v2.4.1
  • Bug 10968: Race condition when using systemd unit file
  • Bug 10974: Modified attributes do not work for the IcingaApplication object w/ external commands
  • Bug 10979: Mistake in mongodb command definition (mongodb_replicaset)
  • Bug 10981: Incorrect name in AUTHORS
  • Bug 10989: Escaped sequences not properly generated with ‘node update-config’
  • Bug 10991: Stream buffer size is 512 bytes, could be raised
  • Bug 10998: Incorrect IdoPgSqlConnection Example in Documentation
  • Bug 11006: Segfault in ApiListener::ConfigUpdateObjectAPIHandler
  • Bug 11014: Check event duplication with parallel connections involved
  • Bug 11019: next_check noise in the IDO
  • Bug 11020: Master reloads with agents generate false alarms
  • Bug 11065: Deleting an object via API does not disable it in DB IDO
  • Bug 11074: Partially missing escaping in doc/7-icinga-template-library.md
  • Bug 11075: Outdated link to icingaweb2-module-nagvis
  • Bug 11083: Ensure that config sync updates are always sent on reconnect
  • Bug 11085: Crash in ConfigItem::RunWithActivationContext
  • Bug 11088: API queries on non-existant objects cause exception
  • Bug 11096: Windows build fails on InterlockedIncrement type
  • Bug 11103: Problem with hostgroup_members table cleanup
  • Bug 11111: Clean up unused variables a bit
  • Bug 11118: Cluster WQ thread dies after fork()
  • Bug 11122: Connections are not cleaned up properly
  • Bug 11132: YYYY-MM-DD time specs are parsed incorrectly
  • Bug 11178: Documentation: Unescaped pipe character in tables
  • Bug 11179: CentOS 5 doesn’t support epoll_create1
  • Bug 11204: “node setup” tries to chown() files before they’re created

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