Icinga 2 v2.4.1 bugfix release

by | Nov 26, 2015

Icinga StickerThis release fixes a problem when using recurring downtimes (“ScheduledDowntime”) causing Icinga 2 to crash on startup. There are further fixes for old compilers on Debian Squeeze, Ubuntu Precise and RHEL 6. The API setup wizard does not overwrite existing certificates anymore. The node setup wizards also incorporate the NodeName and ZoneName constant by default, not the previously used FQDN.
The ITL CheckCommand ‘running_kernel’ now allows you to optionally use the ‘running_kernel_use_sudo’ attribute. One further addition are global constants to fetch PlatformName. PlatformVersion, PlatformKernel and PlatformKernelVersion.
A common problem which we’ve analysed in our community support channels is the usage of existing SSL certificates with the Icinga 2 API. In case you are encountering the SSL error “SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert unsupported certificate” when querying the API using curl or a modern browser, please ensure that the host’s SSL certificate version is 3, not 1. More details on the mailing lists.
Icinga 2 v2.4.1 packages should be available soon, meanwhile make sure to check the Changelog below.




  • ITL
    • Add running_kernel_use_sudo option for the running_kernel check
  • Configuration
    • Add global constants: `PlatformName`. `PlatformVersion`, `PlatformKernel` and `PlatformKernelVersion`
  • CLI
    • Use NodeName and ZoneName constants for ‘node setup’ and ‘node wizard’


  • Feature 10622: Add by_ssh_options argument for the check_by_ssh plugin
  • Feature 10693: Add running_kernel_use_sudo option for the running_kernel check
  • Feature 10716: Use NodeName and ZoneName constants for ‘node setup’ and ‘node wizard’


  • Bug 10528: Documentation example in “Access Object Attributes at Runtime” doesn’t work correctly
  • Bug 10615: Build fails on SLES 11 SP3 with GCC 4.8
  • Bug 10632: “node wizard” does not ask user to verify SSL certificate
  • Bug 10641: API setup command incorrectly overwrites existing certificates
  • Bug 10643: Icinga 2 crashes when ScheduledDowntime objects are used
  • Bug 10645: Documentation for schedule-downtime is missing required paremeters
  • Bug 10648: lib/base/process.cpp SIGSEGV on Debian squeeze / RHEL 6
  • Bug 10661: Incorrect web inject URL in documentation
  • Bug 10663: Incorrect redirect for stderr in /usr/lib/icinga2/prepare-dirs
  • Bug 10667: Indentation in command-plugins.conf
  • Bug 10677: node wizard checks for /var/lib/icinga2/ca directory but not the files
  • Bug 10690: CLI command ‘repository add’ doesn’t work
  • Bug 10692: Fix typos in the documentation
  • Bug 10708: Windows setup wizard crashes when InstallDir registry key is not set
  • Bug 10710: Incorrect path for icinga2 binary in development documentation
  • Bug 10720: Remove –master_zone from –help because it is currently not implemented

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