Test-drive the Icinga 2 API

by | Nov 7, 2015

The Icinga 2 API release is near – and so is OSMC where we will have demo setups with us. Users keep asking about how to already play and test-drive the Icinga 2 REST API, the answer is fairly simple:

  • Read the snapshot docs (we update them frequently, so make sure to check for changes)
  • Install Vagrant, Docker or fetch the snapshot packages directly

The benefit of using the Docker Container or the Vagrant Boxes – you’ll get everything pre-installed and pre-configured already to play with.


docker run -d -ti --name icinga2-api -p 4080:80 -p 4665:5665 icinga/icinga2

The container initialisation takes ~1 minute.
Example for Docker on OSX (change the IP address to your localhost):

curl -k -s -u root:icinga '' | python -m json.tool

The container sources are located here, if you prefer to build it locally.


Both boxes icinga2x and icinga2x-cluster come with pre-configured Icinga 2 API.

git clone https://github.com/Icinga/icinga-vagrant.git
cd icinga-vagrant/icinga2x
vagrant up
curl -k -s -u root:icinga '' | python -m json.tool



In case you have everything up and running (Packages, Vagrant or Docker) clone the Dashing demo and edit the icinga2 job API credentials here.

git clone https://github.com/Icinga/dashing-icinga2
cd dashing-icinga2

The following example uses the Docker IP address on OSX and the mapped port to 4665.

vim jobs/icinga2.rb
$api_url_base = ""
$api_username = "dashing"
$api_password = "icinga2ondashingr0xx"

Check the screencast to see Docker, Icinga 2 API and Dashing in action on my Macbook Pro 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 19.36.58

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