Review of Icinga Camp Barcelona 2015

by | Mar 3, 2015

Last Friday we had our first Icinga Camp in beautiful Barcelona. Thanks to the help of our local Icinga friends from Insomer we where able to start into an amazing Camp year over there in Catalan. The Camp started late, which is not so unusual in Spain 🙂 and i started with a detailed overview of the last developments and a review of 2014. After that Jorge (CEO from our host) gave a talk about their way to monitoring and Icinga. The had a funny video (we didn’t understand it, but it was funny enough to watch) where they documented a big outage during the night.
After a short break Michael took over the stage and gave a detailed talk about all the new things in Icinga 2. Functions, Rules and really hot things are coming up with Icinga 2.3 next week and Michael showed how to deal with them.
Last but not least Eric talked about Icinga web 2. We expect Icinga Web 2 Beta 3 during the next week and the current version worked really great at the live. We where curious about the reaction on our approach for the web service but the audience really liked it. With visitors from all over Spain, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and the United States.

We closed the day in a wonderful Tapas-Bar with lots of food and a couple of Gin & Tonics later on. The cherry on the cake on the Camp was a quote of the taxi driver on the next morning.

There are to many red traffic lights, you have to ignore them.

You can find all the slides in our presentation area and we’ll add more pictures in the next weeks. Thanks Barcelona, we will be back!

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