Icinga 2 bug fix release 2.2.2

by | Dec 18, 2014

We have just released a new version of Icinga 2. Version 2.2.2 fixes a number of issues we have identified in the previous version.
Updated packages should be available shortly. If you’re interested in a specific bug you can look up the bug issue ID at our bug tracker.
Work is also well underway on 2.3 which we’re planning to release in Q1 2015.
Changelog for 2.2.2:

  • Bug #7045: icinga2 init-script doesn’t validate configuration on reload action
  • Bug #7064: Missing host downtimes/comments in Livestatus
  • Bug #7301: Docs: Better explaination of dependency state filters
  • Bug #7314: double macros in command arguments seems to lead to exception
  • Bug #7511: Feature `compatlog’ should flush output buffer on every new line
  • Bug #7518: update-config fails to create hosts
  • Bug #7591: CPU usage at 100% when check_interval = 0 in host object definition
  • Bug #7618: Repository does not support services which have a slash in their name
  • Bug #7683: If a parent host goes down, the child host isn’t marked as unrechable in the db ido
  • Bug #7707: “node wizard” shouldn’t crash when SaveCert fails
  • Bug #7745: Cluster heartbeats need to be more aggressive
  • Bug #7769: The unit tests still crash sometimes
  • Bug #7863: execute checks locally if command_endpoint == local endpoint
  • Bug #7878: Segfault on issuing node update-config
  • Bug #7882: Improve error reporting when libmysqlclient or libpq are missing
  • Bug #7891: CLI `icinga2 node update-config` doesn’t sync configs from remote clients as expected
  • Bug #7913: /usr/lib/icinga2 is not owned by a package
  • Bug #7914: SUSE packages %set_permissions post statement wasn’t moved to common
  • Bug #7917: update_config not updating configuration
  • Bug #7920: Test Classic UI config file with Apache 2.4
  • Bug #7929: Apache 2.2 fails with new apache conf
  • Bug #8002: typeof() seems to return null for arrays and dictionaries
  • Bug #8003: SIGABRT while evaluating apply rules
  • Bug #8028: typeof does not work for numbers
  • Bug #8039: Livestatus: Replace unixcat with nc -U
  • Bug #8048: Wrong command in documentation for installing Icinga 2 pretty printers.
  • Bug #8050: exception during config check
  • Bug #8051: Update host examples in Dependencies for Network Reachability documentation
  • Bug #8058: DB IDO: Missing last_hard_state column update in {host,service}status tables
  • Bug #8059: Unit tests fail on FreeBSD
  • Bug #8066: Setting a dictionary key to null does not cause the key/value to be removed
  • Bug #8070: Documentation: Add note on default notification interval in getting started notifications.conf
  • Bug #8075: No option to specify timeout to check_snmp and snmp manubulon commands
  • Bug #8105: StatusDataWriter: Wrong export of event_handler_enabled

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