Icinga 2 Beta 2 is here

by | Jun 6, 2014

Download_Icinga2Beta2Icinga 2 Beta 2 marks another milestone before the final 2.0.0 release which is scheduled for 16.6.2014. Download the packages or sources for Icinga 2.0.0 Beta 2 right away!
If you are following our development streams (Git, mailing lists, Redmine, Twitter, etc) closely, you’ll already know: We are updating the documentation from your feedback, adding detailed migration hints, fixing unclear sections and also improving it wherever necessary.
Furthermore we are currently looking into the application logging to reduce nasty stack traces when errors occur (Beta 1 already introduced the new ‘notice’ severity level) and also are trying to make error messages more readable for you, the user 🙂 Last but not least – we’ve debugged and fixed all reported issues.
Thanks to Carlos Cesario the Icinga 2 configuration syntax can now be highlighted in Vim and Nano – how awesome is that? 🙂
Rumors have it that members of the community are already working on Icinga 2 Puppet modules, Chef Cookbooks and Ansible Playbooks. We’d love to share these on icinga.org – join us by dropping an email to info@icinga.org 🙂

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